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Sleep By Daylight - Dead By Daylight Lore In Story Format

SlowLorisSlowLoris Member Posts: 19
edited June 23 in Media Lounge

Hi all,

For a while now I've streamed DBD on Twitch and I've been constantly asked to create a podcast. I am currently working on that, but I decided as a first step into voice work that I'd try a small passion project called "Sleep By Daylight". Basically, the videos are me reading DBD Lore entries in story format with sound effects that aren't too intrusive, and might help you fall asleep. I find the the lore of DBD to be pretty great, and I want to share it with others that might not enjoy listening to the in-game narrator, and may also find it too tedious to sit and read the entries.

Currently I only have one episode posted, but I am almost done recording the entirety of Tome 1. I just recently got over a bad cold, so I do want to re-record my intro/outro (so I apologize for the difference in mellow tone), but I've really enjoyed working on this series so far, and I wanted to share it with others that might like it, too.

The first episode is from Tome 1: Awakening (The Hunger - Memories: The Alchemist)

I highly suggest listening to it with good sound, and no music or anything else playing. If you have any feedback (except about the intro/outro, because they're getting redone) I'd love to hear it!

Thanks for watching/listening,


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