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Time to quit

WARW0LFWARW0LF Member Posts: 200

As an exclusively solo survivor since 2017, the coming changes look disgusting for survivors, great for killers, they neeeded it but us solo players get screwed, yet again, this is the final nail in the coffin, this game was barely fun to begin with and now, it will truly be a miserable experience for solo

so they increase gen speeds, okay, so whats stopping killers from still bringing stacked regression perks, the devs took a problem and made it worse, right idea, stupid execution

every survivor meta perk decimated, why?, you kill perks because they are popular, thats backwards, are you going to nerf whatever paltry meta comes out of this because that too is popular, pathetic.

buffed bloodlust, thats also backwards

i was all for killer buffs, that seems great but to nerf survivors into the ground, i'm glad i didn't buy the last few DLCs 😅

expect a mass exodus of solo players when it goes live, killer queues will return to 30m and considerably less content being created by survivors, pretty good job so far



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