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Iron Will nerf is MASSIVE



  • SoupletSouplet Member Posts: 208

    Oh, because i dont have the right to play 2 or 3 slowdown now ?

    Survivor mains being survivor mains i guess

  • TotemSeeker91TotemSeeker91 Member Posts: 1,894

    Another useless comment disproving the useless comment

  • Sheridan_LTSheridan_LT Member Posts: 393
    edited June 30

    It would be really funny to see players quitting because they had too much fun deleting their hitboxes every 60 seconds and making zero noise whatsoever. I really would love to see the high MMR survivor community get thinned out if that's people's idea of fun?? Incessantly running Meta and DEPENDING on it to get a 2 man escape.

  • ThanksForDailyThanksForDaily Member Posts: 1,104

    You do have right to use 6 slows combined with add ons.

    The thing is the perks winning for you, not you.

  • HelloKitty2022HelloKitty2022 Member Posts: 146

    Iron Will will be completely killed with these "TWO" nerfs. 75% is not enough if you have a good headset so this perk is completely useless. Making a perk completely useless is nonsense. Why dont they delete it completely. And deactivating it when you used exhaustion perk is even more hard. So this perk got gutted twice in a very hard way.

  • SoupletSouplet Member Posts: 208

    Yes, because you can't actually win without slowdown as clown, myerd or every other low tier killers that i enjoy to play ?

    At least, you cant vs survivors with functionning hands.

    But if you want to go this way, guess whats winning the game for survivor ? Second chances. What is the most meta and comon build rn ? :)

  • NicholasNicholas Member Posts: 1,855

    I run BloodHound and always easily find Survivors. The game has multiple ways to track someone; when one is suppressed, you use the other options. I love BH because no one expects it, and it perfectly leads you to someone in a Locker or an otherwise good hiding spot. Lithe, Head On, Q&Q, IW, and Smash Hit, are all useless against BH.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 6,965

    You'll be able to get some kills if you keep practicing - Hang in there, champ!

  • SpiritedSalsaSpiritedSalsa Member Posts: 95

    Yeah, Jeff, along with a few other characters are super loud. /looks at Bill. So I used Iron Will for those. Ace has to be the most quiet. xD

  • herbaljellyfishherbaljellyfish Member Posts: 115

    It's literally a "screw survivors" patch. And to hell with solo q. This isn't even about the perks anymore. Killers just got straight up buffed quite significantly and survivors got nerfed. The perk changes just adds salt to the wound. I'd love to see the stats on the PTB with these changes

  • Entitled_survivorEntitled_survivor Member Posts: 224

    Iron will is the best Non exhaustion perk in the game and anyone who thinks otherwise needs a reality check,, perk is way too strong for how simple it is to get value from it, rightfully nerfed though I still think they need to make it work even when exhausted even at half capacity, it's a huge no no no for sprint burst users

  • ich_häng_mal_rumich_häng_mal_rum Member Posts: 429

    Imagine the next archives:

    stay 60 seconds within 10 meters to the killer 😂

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,839

    Requires being and staying injured for any value, doesn’t stop scratch marks, doesn’t stop blood trails, doesn't stop running sounds, doesn’t stop killer instinct, doesn’t stop screaming, doesn’t stop aura reading, doesn’t stop eyesight. Doesn’t work while infected against Plague or Nemesis. It literally only stops groans of pain. For that one effect, it better be good at it.

    It was balanced, minus stopping regular breathing sounds. Now we’ll probably never see it.

    Ugh, thanks for reminding us! Didn’t this last event one specifically require being injured close to the killer too?

  • WesCravenFanWesCravenFan Member Posts: 1,610
  • Walex90Walex90 Member Posts: 48
    edited July 15

    I have read the newest dev update and it looks like they're really gonna kill the game with nerfing IW.

    Oh poor camping tunneling slugging killers need the game to be as easy as possible, making survivor experience as terrible as

    they can imagine. First demolishing 4:3 resolution, then adding the dredge that makes survivors see NOTHING, and now this.

    What's next? Survivors can't run while injured?

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  • TheDizTheDiz Member Posts: 241

    the this isn't a nerf as a solo q player, its completely gutted.... the 75% at tier 3 is a nerf. Making it not work when exhausted I will never use it again. I usually play killer as I tend to play solo and still think it's too much. One or the other is a nerf, both = dead perk on my opinion

  • MewishisMewishis Member Posts: 305
    edited July 24

    it was nerfed down to 75% I was using it without an exhaustion perk and was losing a lot of killers the nerf wasn't that bad, I don't quite understand why people are whining this much. Even people testing the change didn't really think it was that bad, this whole reaction is very much just an overeaction.

    The update is a buff to killers one that was needed very much so it's been literally years since killers got a major killer-focused update that affected all killers. It's a nerf to survivors and solo q, but you act as if it wasn't bad beforehand. If anything people going about it sandbagging teammates, dcing instantly, killing themselves at hook as soon as they get found, and dropping all the pallets make it worse not the fact that meta perks were nerfed and killers were buffed.

    I am sure the next update will be solo q and survivor-focused, but it would certainly be a lot better if people weren't taking out their unhappiness on others and making solo q even more miserable just to spread their silly argument. Before the update sure there were second killers in the lobby turning games into 3 v 2, but now it's out of control.

    When games aren't like this or have a hardcore tunneling at 5 gens killer games are fun, I actually have had a very enjoyable time so far out of 26 survivor games so far about 4 were ones the killer tunneled so I am not unhappy about that. Though definitely need some countermeasures at 5 generators to make tunneling not a strategy for use at the start, at the same time I feel like midgame and late-game it's fine, though more measures to make it better to spread out hook states would definitely help.

    Though acting like the game is unplayable because killers got buffed is flat-out lying, it's unplayable because solo q teammates are ruining games for each other, you wanna know how many times a survivor dced in a game when we were winning, not going for unhooks, or just flat out didn't do generators hiding in a corner of the map or thrown all the pallets? Like 14 of the games not even joking, those are the things making it miserable. It wasn't this bad before the update, but people are hardcore throwing now for literally no reason.

  • Dead_HarderDead_Harder Member Posts: 1,293

    Iron will, like DH was pretty damn busted beyond belief. The cap at noise reduction is pretty good. They didnt need to basically make it an exhaustion perk though, that was a bit too much.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 5,979

    I act as if it wasn’t bad before hand? Are you new here? Have you read my post history? If you haven’t, maybe you should.

  • MewishisMewishis Member Posts: 305

    Love how you just picked and chose that little tidbit lol, get over yourself like I would go stalking through your post history. If only people on the 'discussion forums' were willing to actually have discussions.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 5,979

    Your reply just shows i did the right thing in not even bothering engaging with the rest, cya

  • MewishisMewishis Member Posts: 305

    Yes because you didn't even bother engaging with me lol, you gave me the "dont you know who i am" shtick, like what the heck kinda ego thing are you on friend.

  • MewishisMewishis Member Posts: 305

    I think it shouldn't have deactivated the perk though, like obviously its better in no exhaustion perk builds atm, but it would have been better if they were going to go with the second nerf at least leave it at 50% that is more reasonable honestly.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 5,979

    Na, you assumed something about me to make a point and I corrected you. Get over it.

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