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Stranger Things characters' Prestige

ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 673

Is it known if, for the owners of Stranger Things characters, the perks they came in with are still tied to them? Like, if you, say, have Steve Harrington at P3 - will all your survivors get Tier 3 Renewal, Guardian and Kinship, after the update rolls out? And same for Nancy and Demogorgon. Because their character infos state that their perks are now exclusive as generic perks, yet perks themselves still have old icons and quotes of Steve/Nancy/Demo + writings underneath their names like "Very Rare Steve Harrington Perk".


  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,124

    That’s a very good question and as far as I know it hasn’t been addressed yet…

  • Nico_0Nico_0 Member Posts: 96

    It wouldn't be hard for them to include it, neither unfair

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