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Who would you have chosen for an RE Chapter 2?

TheDarkTyrantTheDarkTyrant Member Posts: 1,990


I honestly would have gone for someone more unique and unexpected. I would've went with Lisa Trevor. She would revolve around status effects and a new status effect would be created as well. Something that messes with your vision and speed. Like every couple seconds you move 5% slower and your vision becomes impaired. That would all come from a specific unique heavy attack which is an overhead slam like she does to knock out both Jill and Chris in the first Resident Evil but in DBD it won't just make them fall asleep since that'd be annoying. I would also have her with some sort of rage meter. Maybe there can be a coffin that respawns in multiple places. One like where her mothers' remains were. You can interact with it as Lisa and this makes her tentacles sprout out of her back and anyone who gets near her will be injured or downed by them passively. She would also have a much, much longer lunge. Now I'm no balance person. It's just a quick idea for a power.



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