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The most bizarre salt I've ever received

So, to give background info, I'm on Fractured Cowshed playing survivor. I'm running Kindred, Open Handed, Inner Focus and Detective's Hunch. We have a Spirit (using Dried Cherry Blossom) but the poor Spirit is outmatched and on a terrible map for Killers.

The Spirit chases me around, hasn't landed a hit after a while, and goes for an easier target. Good call on the Killer's part.

The Spirit finds a Leon, downs him, hooks him and then rehooks him after downing him again. So, Leon is on death hook and nobody else has any hooks. I go for a hook trade as the other two show no interest in trying to save Leon, unhook Leon, and tank protection hits so the Killer hooks me instead of Leon.

Leon first goes to cleanse a hex, it's unsurprisingly Haunted Ground (Spirit as a Killer), and then, near the end of the Exposed period, runs to the CoH that was set up close to the beginning of the match and self-heals.

During this time, the Spirit left to try to stop the last gen from popping (without success).

Now that I'm in the middle of second stage, Leon comes back, the Spirit phases a short distance away, and Leon unhooks me. The Spirit seems not that experienced with Spirit so I run past the husk. Woops, the Spirit was hanging around the husk, detects me with DCB and drops me. Everyone else escapes.

End game chat

Leon: Why did you run towards the Spirit??

Me: She was phasing so it's a guessing game.

Leon: But she was mind gaming!

Me: Yep, the Killer got me fair and square

Leon: So you're saying you have no game sense.

Me: Seriously? Instead of rescuing me, you set off Haunted Grounds, self healed and let me second stage while the Killer wasn't around and I had a 28 metre Kindred. And you're criticizing?

At that point, I just left because that was truly bizarre.

Maybe Leon was on a Blood Debt Rift challenge? I can't think of any other reason someone would be salty to their own teammate after that. Truly strange.


  • genigeni Member Posts: 133

    People's tend to care too much about other people's life to be honest

  • FeatherFeather Member Posts: 45

    Pathetic. I was playing as Freddy on one of the badhams (it was a while ago). I was genrushed (4 toolboxes) and i got 4 gens in close proximity to each other. And after i defended them i got -reps for patrolling gens

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