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What's the point of the prestige legacy portrait reward if nobody can see it?

MewishisMewishis Member Posts: 305
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I mean that's the whole point of doing it in the first place, bragging rights basically like people did with legacy back then to showcase their effort and work in the old system. Though by the look of things this time around it's only there for the selection screen.

Not everyone was looking at it going this is going to be the return of Legacy 2.0 like for me I thought it was a post-match reward and there was nothing really there to correct that logic a lot of people believed that would be the case. Especially from the recent release of information a while back showcasing what it would look like.

I by no means am trying to make the devs look bad and I'm sure they worked hard on these things, but I feel like the lack of information and openness on what exactly was going to be there really led people to think it was going to be something other people could at least notice.

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