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"Grind Reduction"

ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 709

So, um, you stated that this Prestige rework is aimed at significantly reducing the grind in this game. And while, yes, the grind for perks is reduced massively - grind for literally everything else was, for some reason, increased. How so? Well, prestiging now isn't free, but rather costs 50k bloodpoints. And unlike pre-change - prestiging isn't something you can do without maxing out level 50 bloodweb. So, if you are at level 50 and want to prestige - now you'll have to waste around 100k before doing that. With that - now, in order to get all Prestige cosmetics, you'll have to prestige not 3 times, but 6 times. All that while having zero bloodpoint bonuses, unless you bring an offering or are lucky incentives-wise. And although it might not sound like that huge of a deal right now for veteran players, it will be not that easy on newer players, who'll come in with Project W and further DLCs.

You have to remember that new players will have zero progress at the start and with bloodwebs on the way to Prestige now taking full 51 webs instead of full 49 - they will waste more time AND more bloodpoints than we already did, in order to get to our level of progress.

Thing is - matchmaking incentives don't replace BBQ and Chili bonus, not in the slightest. Because, unlike BBQ, it isn't guaranteed, unless number of players on given role is lacking (and if you aren't lucky enough with the time zone - you might never get those incentives, if you prefer playing only one role). What "MM incentives" also do, that BBQ doesn't, is spare perk slot for yet another sweaty meta perk to be used - now killers will have zero reason not to bring 4-regression-overkill, instead of leaving one perk slot for a very healthy bloodpoint perk, which BBQ is. The same thing is with We're Gonna Live Forever, which incentivized saving teammates and not farming them off hook. Two healthy perks, which now won't ever help you with grinding.

Not losing perks/addons/offerings/items after prestiging is a great change, don't get me wrong. But why remove two healthy perks, which directly help with grind while incentivizing fair plays? This makes no sense.

Please consider reverting BBQ and WGLF changes, before pushing update to live.

You said you listen. I hope you do. After all, I'm not in the opinion minority, judging by the uproar.


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