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The Clown Cosplay from Brazil! Hope get to the devs stream!

Hey guys, i made this cosplay of the Clown!
My name is Guilherme de Pádua and i'm from Brazil!
Do you guys like it?

Hope this get to the devs stream!

and by the end of the match, drinking some survivors tears!




  • guigalvaoguigalvao Member Posts: 2

    oh, by the way, i forget the afterpiece tonic label!


  • MojoTheFabulousMojoTheFabulous Member Posts: 1,091

    This is fantastic.

  • NateeNatee Member Posts: 3
  • MLG007MLG007 Member Posts: 2

    Holy crap that cosplay is insane! Awesome job on it! I've actually really wanted to cosplay as the Clown ever since his release but I could never find a tailcoat to the matched the one the Clown wears in DBD. Out of curiosity, did you buy the tailcoat you used or was it homemade?

  • JoyfulLeaderJoyfulLeader Member Posts: 488

    Holy crap! That's so spot on! I'm not gonna lie, but this probably one of my most favorite cosplays I've ever seen

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