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Dead by Daylight's Top 3 Maps Based On Looks

TheDarkTyrantTheDarkTyrant Member Posts: 1,991

What would be Dead by Daylight's Maps based on looks for you?

Here's mine:

1. Obviously RPD. Just clearly the best looking map. One of the best maps in gaming. One of the best maps in Resident Evil and looks Greta in DBD. Not as good as RE2R of course but still good for a DBD map.

2. Sandwich Elementary School

3. Napkin Lane


  • SuperyoshieggSuperyoshiegg Member Posts: 1,369

    1) RPD, for the same reasons you outlined.

    2) Garden of Joy. Beautiful aesthetic, gorgeous visuals. I really like how the exterior of the map is floating debris instead of the standard spiked walls that 90% of the other outdoor maps use.

    3) Dead Dawg Saloon.

  • RemediastRemediast Member Posts: 595

    1 - Ormond

    2 - Garden of Joy

    3 - Yamaoka Estate

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,839
    1. Haddonfield. Captures the aesthetic of the town in the original Halloween movie
    2. Ormond. The snow is beautiful
    3. Dead Dawg Saloon. Really has that wild west ambience
  • ThanosPAWGThanosPAWG Member Posts: 364

    1. Lery's Memorial Institute- Everything from the lighting to the setting of Lery's makes this my favorite map.

    2. Haddonfield- The rework really made this map feel like I'm in Haddonfield and I personally like that the middle of the map is weak bc its a road and in normal horror movies the road is a dangerous place.

    3. RPD- They really made this map feel like your playing Resident Evil 2/3.

  • DarkMagikDarkMagik Member Posts: 822


    2.Garden of Joy


  • DY86DY86 Member Posts: 428

    Garden of Joy



    even If I get demolished in one of these maps, they are at least aesthetically pleasing. So I get wrecked but in style

  • QwQwQwQw Member Posts: 4,469

    My list is:

    Garden of Joy (reminds me of the Baker Estate from Re7)

    Ormond (I love Darkness Among Us)

    Dead Dawg Saloon (I'm a fan of the eerie western aesthetic)

  • MrSheep51MrSheep51 Member Posts: 63

    Yamaoka, Haddonfield and Ormond

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,595

    1. Midwich. One of the scariest maps in the game and I love the little Easter eggs and jumpscares.

    2. Haddonfield. It feels like it was taken straight out of Halloween.

    3. Garden Of Joy. I love that everything looks stopped in time and the main house looks good. I love the upsidedown room.

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