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Off The Record

TheDarkTyrantTheDarkTyrant Member Posts: 1,991

I feel like Off The Record could end up playing into the killer's strength at times. If they are too scared to get rid of it which I don't know if that would happen a lot, then they are off gens. If they do gens then that means it's obviously just gone. I also think an easy way to counter it is, well you could just hit them. I mean there are ways you'll be able to play around this perk. 80 seconds won't actually come in handy too much in my opinion. It would just do basically the same thing as BT does. If they try and bodyblock you you'll end up trying to hit them probably like you do now or can try to go around them. I don't think this perk is going to be as strong as people say is what I'm saying. Maybe even bad for those survivors that don't like to greet rid of it that quick.


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