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Very killer sided forum



  • DragonredkingDragonredking Member Posts: 874
    edited December 2018

    @The_Crusader said:
    Justicar said:

    To be fair, I was just reading your other thread and I see what you mean. But I think it was at least partially self-inflicted. While it may not have been intentional, it really felt like you were trolling/baiting in just about every post there, which I suspect made the overall response quite a bit worse than it normally would have been.

    Its been like this since I joined though.

    Make a killer sided post and notice the reaction you get. Then make a survivor sided post and compare the reaction.

    Can you stop this non sense?

    When you made a thread about ds player jumped at your throat calling you a killer main and loling you.

    It isn't about killer or survivor main, their is toxic people on every side ffs

    People should [BAD WORD] stop with this us vs them mentality (ingame and irl) this is [BAD WORD] tiring as [BAD WORD]

  • TromanTroman Member Posts: 116

    You are right. I will give you a hint: Maining killer in a 1 vs 4 games. Social skills. Empathy, self-reflection.

    Some, less social people are unable to view things from more than one angle and because of lack of self-reflection they can't detect mistakes in their own reasoning and they can't fully understand what you mean because of lack of empathy. A glass is half full or half empty, depending on your interpretation. And even if there are just a few drops in it, it can be full for some. I stopped reacting to about 5-7 people in this community, because I know exactly beforehand what they will answer and what logical fallacies they will (sometimes unconsciously) use to try to prove you wrong. They can't be changed, they are stuck in their POV, so just ignore.

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