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Offering - "Wardrobe change" - more use for unique clothing?

lindechenelindechene Member Posts: 69
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For me a part of the fun is to customize characters with unique outfit combinations.
I put together some custom combinations of head, shirt, pants, weapons for most survivors and killers.

What if there was an offering called "Wardrobe change" that would transform clothing of both killers and survivors to those options the user has defined in his own character customisations?

Fun side effects:

  • Users that unlocked a lot of custom clothing would have a way to customize a game round so they can not only see their favourite costumes on their own character but everyone on the team.

  • New users can be "transformed" into custom clothing that they have not yet unlocked.

Gameplay side effects

  • You can transform those Prestige 3 Claudettes into a more visible Party Claudette.

Negative side effects

  • Some people may not like being transformed
  • Some people may still choose Prestige 3 as default for all characters.

Variations of the idea

  • The transformation could only be visible to the one player who used the offering.

  • Random transformation offering: The cosmetics of all players are turned into a random combination of custom clothing.

  • Chicken hat offering: For the next round all players wear an easy to spot white chicken hat.

**Main intentions: **

Players are encouraged to purchase or unlock custom clothing for both killers and survivors.
The color of clothing should not be a way to gain an advantage in the game.
Playing with versatile custom clothing and character combinations adds a unique feeling to each round of the game.

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