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Open Handed Rework Idea

CakeDutyCakeDuty Member Posts: 39

Hey all!
Been thinking for a while how the devs could make Open Handed an actual useful perk. I don't think a numbers buff will be enough to make people use it, so I came up with this idea.
(Perk description isn't the best, I know)

You know that sharing information is vital for survival. Every aura revealed to you will also be revealed to your teammates within a 24/28/32 meter radius.

This way it'll be a way to share information with your teammates. I know it reguires you to use another perk like Bond/Empathy/OoO etc. to actually do something, except when you're hooked, but I had the idea that if a survivor had an aura reading perk then maybe you'd be able to see the auras that are revealed to them as long as you're within the 32 meter radius. Wasn't sure if that'd be too strong.


  • JanTheManJanTheMan Member Posts: 188
    Sadly aura reading for survivors isn't as impactful as it is for killers...
  • grisstylgrisstyl Member Posts: 106

    I like this idea! I'd still like to see Open-Handed increase the range of perks like Leader, Streetwise, Vigil, etc. as well though perhaps that would be too much.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 148
    edited December 7
    I would like scaling to be different so that tier three includes survivors within 64 meters, but nevertheless, this is the kind of rework that Open Handed should receive.

    Somewhat related: if Open Handed receive this buff, Shadowborn should be changed to prevent all aura reads on the killer by survivors; this would benefit The Wraith, whose teachable this is.

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  • AlwaysInAGoodShapeAlwaysInAGoodShape Member Posts: 202

    Reworked version of Open handed


    Object of Obsession

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