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Update | The Legion

not_Queennot_Queen Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 1,117
edited August 2019 in General News

People of the Fog,

We would like to thank the 100K players who participated in the 2.4.0. Player Test Build! The reports and the feedback we received were very insightful and have helped us make some adjustments for the upcoming release of our new chapter, Darkness Among Us.

The Legion changes

  • Reduced The Legion Feral Frenzy Vault distance
    To give The Legion a sense of speed when they vault, we had increased the distance coming out of the vault. Unfortunately, this meant that Survivors had a larger window to juke The Legion by going back through the same vault location. We have reduced the distance to tighten the gap and allow The Legion an opportunity to counter this.

  • Removed the double stun effect when hitting Survivors affected by Deep Wound.
    After hitting a Survivor affected by Deep Wound, The Legion will no longer play the weapon swipe animation. Instead, the attack will transition directly into the ‘fatigue’ state, before ending the power.

  • Legion lunge distance increased
    The Legion’s lunge was slightly too short compared to other Killers. It has been adjusted to match the standard speed curve off the base attack giving it a longer range.

Deep wound status changes

  • Added a mending sound to Mend action
    The sound for mending was missing during the PTB. Now you will hear a Survivor mending nearby.

  • Added a progress reset to the Mend action
    If a Survivor has made progress towards mending their Deep Wound status and is hit again by a Feral Frenzy attack, the progression will reset.

  • The Deep Wound bleedout timer continues to progress during the Mend action
    While not in a chase, the Deep Wound timer will tick down – even while using the Mend action. As long as The Survivor continues to mend, the timer will not progress past 99% and will not go into the dying state.

  • Specific actions that are not considered ‘Healing’ actions, will no longer be affected by perks that refer to healing.
    Mend, Snap out of it, and Wake up, are no longer considered healing actions, and as such, will not be affected by perks that refer to healing.


These changes will not be updated on the Player Test Build. They will, however, be available in the upcoming chapter release, Darkness Among Us. Let us know what you think!

The Dead by Daylight team

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