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Yet another constantly disconnected from host poster

RybeRybe Member Posts: 42

I'm on PC and I've tried everything I found find on this forum: I've flushed DNS like a billion times, reinstalled/repaired EAC, and verified the whole game through steam a couple times.

It's not windows firewall, and my internet is fine, (0 problems with other online games.) I play on a wired connection, have generally reasonable speeds, all that good stuff. Obviously my computer has also been restarted many times in this trouble shooting.

It's been happening for like a week. I'll get maybe one match in then get punted. Occasionally I'll even get punted from the menu screen. Hadn't played much till recently since the last major patch, but I didn't have these problems before then. I've been trying to trouble shoot it over the last few days, but none of it seems to be working.

People are complaining left and right about people DCing constantly, looks to me like they might not all be rage quitting.


  • GamallGamall Member Posts: 195

    Exactly the same, since the patch has been released I have reached a 24 hours penalty due to this issue

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member Posts: 10,623

    Honestly, if you done restart of PC, restart of router, DNS flush and tried a different DNS server and it's STILL doing it, I would contact support.


    And the reason I suggest that is because I haven't been made aware of any issues. That's not to say there AREN'T any, just I haven't been told about any.

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