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Camping and Tunneling fixed

ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 534

Question for everyone but more so Survivor mains lets say they fixed Camping and tunneling while they also added a ping system which lets you tell the other survives are doing to help buff solo q.

My question is what will you all complain about then and why? I'm just curious to see what people come back with both survivor and killers.


  • Ghouled_MojoGhouled_Mojo Member Posts: 1,862

    I hope they don’t do the ping thing you mention. I’m solo q when I play survivor and it will just cause frustration because player C has done nothing for the past 4 minutes.

  • feffreyfeffrey Member Posts: 828

    Survivors do not really complain about anything except for camping and tunneling because it denies them the chance to actually play the game. It's not fun sticking to gens because someone is camping that's kind of boring and it's really not fun to be on hook all game.

    Think about camping as a whole

    You see a survivor down and hook him then stand there until he dies.

    *He doesn't get to play* *other Survivors forced to do gens for free no excitement no thrill no pressure* kills the fun of the match.

    No other Survivors gets to get chased or get saves . We are denied half the game and end up all losing in the process

    tunneling is the same denying Survivors a chance to play unhooked and instantly back on hook other Survivors denied the chance to play or get chased

    Most Survivors accept fault for losing chases to killer due to their ability and strat some killers play, it happens you don't win every chase .

  • VolczVolcz Member Posts: 735

    Solo survivor main here. Camping & tunneling are legit issues that everyone witnesses in their games so I don't really see people bringing that up as 'whiners' or 'complainers'. They realized how bad it is and figure to bring attention to it by bringing up their own experiences, nothin wrong with that.

    The ping system would be nice, anything that buffs solo que to bring them more in line with SWF. Ping system, icons beside the player's names to display what they're doing, baseline Kindred, or even the dreaded in-game voice chat that so many games have but BHVR refuses to add into their game.

    The developers of this game are very sensitive. A lot of players that play this game are as well.

    I'm not one to bandwagon or attack killer perks. I do think some are pretty strong ofc but I've always adapted so whats the difference now, besides my teammates not wanting to?

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