Dead by Daylight has turned 3 years old! We are proud of what we've accomplished and so excited about what’s to come. So why not start the celebrations with a Bloodhunt (2x) Event from June 14th to June 18th? Enjoy!

About the whole lol situation

This is hearth breaking, why would I bother trying to be funny if people can't show their apreciation of it?

Most people that found a post funny would leave a lol and move on, do any one seriously think people will waste time posting that they think something is funny?

No, they'll just leave an upvote and if it was a sarcastic joke or something of the likes you'll never know if the guy left you an upvote because he agree with the message behind the sarcasm or if he find the sarcasm funny or the likes.

Of course it would be abused, but are you also going to get ride of upvotes because people can create spam bot for them too?


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