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A Set of 3 Chapters Focused Around The Basement

piminpimin Member Posts: 34

Welcome back here. and with another set of Chapters to boot. These will be far less detailed than my last few because I created these to put ideas out there as types of perks that can be associated with the Basement and expand a repertoire of them that could be used as a future perk type. Now originally I would have made only the perks for these characters but I had a few Ideas for Lore connections and Powers that I couldn't get out of my head. no addons are being made for these chapters as the Perks are the main focus. If you have ideas for other perks of similar concepts or balancing changes to the perks feel free to discuss.

Chapter [***]:Lost in the End of the World

This chapter features 2 characters from a world the entity had nearly killed off when they were taken. The world itself is long gone.

The Preparer

A doomsday prepper that is a little too fanatical in his beliefs. His innovations in defenses were dangerous to everyone, even himself. When he gets proven right during an apocalyptic event that the Entity began he goes crazy. In his madness he ends up becoming very emotionally charged about many things that before the end would have not bothered him. Hearing whispers in his head that lead him to be able to communicate with the monster that brought about the end of his world he ends up ravaging his bunker by bringing in the monsters, whom he now considers closer than his human friends. 

Place of Birth: Scotland 

Name: Robert Clark

Power: Nightmarish Belongings

The Preparer starts the Trial with a Key replacing the Power. Around the map (in places unique killer interactables spawn) Storage Crates spawn. While the Preparer has the Key the Auras of Storage Crates are shown in White. The Preparer can interact (interaction takes 2 seconds with the Key, and takes 5 seconds without the Key) with a Storage Crate and open it revealing an Object. While The Preparer has the Key 1 of 3 unique “Power Objects” will be revealed. 

If The Preparer doesn't have The Key, a Monster Bait object appears.

Press the Power Button near a Power Object to replace The Key with the associated Object. If multiple Power Objects are in the Trial they get replaced with the Monster Bait Object when any Power Object is taken. You can replace the Power Object with The Key by holding the Power Button near where you left The Key for 5 seconds. If the Power Object is switched with The Key all opened Storage Crates are closed. 

Power Objects:

Drill Gauntlet

Press the Power button to launch a controllable Long sprint attack that can damage and Pierce multiple survivors. Sprint has The Preparer move at 5.6 m/s for 10 seconds. Overheats at the end of the Sprint and cannot be used for 20 seconds. Hitting a Dropped Pallet or Breakable Wall causes a short breaking animation and causes the Drill Gauntlet to overheat.

Dog-whistle Scanner

Press the Power button to perform a special attack that hits all survivors in a 16 meter range. Survivors hit by this attack are not damaged, but become marked for 90 seconds. Marked survivors Attract the attention of Monsters in a 32 meter range regardless of their proximity to Monster Bait. If a Monster is inside the Radius of the special attack, the radius that they can go from a Monster Bait is increased to 64 meters for 120 seconds.

Air Cannon

Press and hold the Power button to prepare the cannon. Release the Power button to fire. Air Cannon shots do not damage survivors but make them scream. When a survivor screams as a result of getting hit by an Air Cannon shot they cannot perform vault interactions or throw pallets for 3 seconds. Hitting a survivor already affected by an Air Cannon shot increases the timer by 1 second up to a maximum of 12 seconds. Hitting a survivor performing an action that would be blocked if they were hit, causes the survivor to stumble upon the end of the action, inducing a 20% hindered effect for 15 seconds and any fast vault action becomes a medium vault action while hindered.

Monster Bait

While Monster Bait is in the Trial, 3 monsters appear from the closest hooks to any Monster Bait Object. The Monsters cannot leave a 32 meter radius of any monster bait. If a Monster is outside of the radius of Monster Bait when any effect extending its range expires they will dig into the ground and reappear in range after 5 seconds. Hitting a Monster with an Attack that can damage survivors causes the Monster to increase the radius it can travel from the Monster Bait to 48 meters and run away from The Preparer for 3 seconds. 

Control Box

Within the Basement a Control Box that replaces the Basement Chest. Survivors can enter Basement and perform an interaction with this Control Box to forcibly close all Opened Storage Crates in the Trial. The Control Box then powers down and remains powered down until 80 seconds have passed or 3 Storage Crates are opened.


Explosive Kick

When you perform a breaking action, break all other thrown pallets and breakable walls in a 16 meter range.

Reduces the action speed of breaking actions by 20/15/10%

Explosive Kick has a cool down of 45 seconds.


When a Survivor Opens a Chest in your Terror Radius all Upright Palettes and Vault Locations within 64 meters of the Opened Chest become blocked for 20/25/30 seconds

Proximity Alarm

When a survivor enters the Basement, all survivors working on Generators are barraged with continuous skill checks for the next 10/12/15 seconds. 

If the survivor fails the skill checks at any point they scream revealing their location for 3 seconds and all breathing sounds made by the survivor are increased in volume by 100% for 120 seconds.

Eimear McNee

Slip Out

The sound of You opening Exit Gates is 50% quieter. (Does not affect Buzzer)

While you are opening an Exit Gate the Exit Gate Switch Buzzer happens at 80/85/90% and the Lights Delay activation by 10% 

You Open Exit gates open 15% slower. 

Ready for Anything

For Each Survivor hooked before you are, gain a stackable 3/4/5% bonus to Luck until the Exit Gates are open.

“I’ve got all I need for any… unexpected situations. Sadly, I can’t account for who is beside me.” - Eimear McNee

Ritual of Sparks

While working on a Generator, press the active ability button to pull a Spark Plug out of the generator with no charges, block the Generator until the Ritual finishes or is failed, and start the Ritual.

While performing the ritual you cannot be put into the dying state or you will fail the Ritual. 

You have 90 seconds to find and finish a prayer in the Basement. The prayer action takes 20 seconds and can be interrupted. 

Successfully finishing the Ritual causes the Spark Plug to be refilled. A Spark plug can be used on the blocked generator to instantly fill 40/45/50% of the generator’s progress. A generator cannot be finished by a Spark Plug.

Failing the Ritual of Sparks forcibly removes the Spark Plug from your Item and causes the next 5 skill checks you perform on a Generator to instead regress the progress by 5%. 

You can only perform Ritual of Sparks twice per Trial.

Chapter [***]: Aspirations of Blood

A chapter focused on a remote location that still has the influence of the entity within the society there. it was by pure accident I reinvented Bubba but beyond that I think this is different enough to work.

The Butcher

An indigenous from an island far from major civilization. The Black Vale has its hands within this Civilization as a Cargo Cult source, with the ritualistic sacrifices being mimicked and somehow accepted by the Entity.

Place of Birth: South Pacific Islands (Uncharted)

Name: Adraman

Power: Chieftain's Pride

Press the Power Button to begin a Grapple Rush. 

Grapple Rush is a single controllable movement attack where The Butcher moves forwards non-stop at an increased speed, swinging his arms around to the side and towards himself. Hitting a Survivor stops the attack. Hitting an Obstacle causes a 5 second stun. You cannot use a Grapple rush for 20 seconds after it ends.

Grapple Rush initial speed is 4.7 m/s

Approach broken Pallets and Breakable Walls and press the active ability button to pick up the splinters.

Collecting splinters grants extra abilities to be used during a Grapple Rush

  • 1 splinter - Grapple Rush now moves at 5 m/s
  • 2 splinters - Grapple Rush now moves at 5.3 m/s
  • 3 splinters - Hitting Pallets and Breakable Walls with Grapple Rush breaks Pallets and Breakable Walls with a normal breaking action (meaning you start a breaking animation like you kicked the pallet or wall (No Istabreak)) and Grapple Rush now moves at 5.65 m/s
  • 4 splinters - Grapple Rush now moves at 6 m/s
  • 5 splinters - Grapple Rush will grab if it hits a survivor is performing a vault action and Grapple Rush now moves at 6.35 m/s
  • 6 splinters - Grapple Rush now moves at 6.7 m/s
  • 7 splinters - Grapple Rush now moves at 7.05 m/s
  • 8 splinters - Grapple Rush now moves at 7.4 m/s and Grapple Rush now instantly puts survivors into the dying state.

Persistence Hunting

When a Survivor vaults a Window or Pallet while in your terror radius, gain a token up to a maximum of 4/6/8 tokens. The next time you Vault a Window or break a pallet or breakable wall lose all tokens and speed up the action by 5% times the number of tokens lost.

Tainted Space

You have tainted your workplace with blood so much being near it affects others.

All Survivors in and within a 12 meter range of The Basement suffer from a reduced action speed of 30%. 

This effect lingers for 3/4/5 seconds after leaving this range.

Items taken from the chest in the basement are guaranteed to be of Uncommon or Lower quality.

Scourge Hook: Tenderizing Flesh

At the start of the Trial 4 random hooks become scourge hooks

  • You see the auras of scourge hooks in white

Scourge hooks inflict Mangled on unhook.

Mangled effects applied to survivors that have been unhooked from any scourge hook are multiplied by 50/75/100% until the Exit Gates are powered.

Survivors that have been unhooked from Scourge Hooks twice can be killed by hand. 

Trev Bevan

A social psychologist on study travels along the South Pacific nearly Killed by The Butcher’s Tribe as he’s there on their island and documenting the cargo cult.

Ritual of Inhibition 

Press the Active Ability button while cleansing a Dull Totem to start the Ritual.

Upon starting the Ritual:

  • The Totem is broken
  • A Bone Shard is added to your item slot
  • A Dull Totem is spawned in the Basement. This totem cannot be interacted with by someone without a Bone Shard.
  • The aura of the new totem is revealed to you for 10 seconds

You have 60 seconds to get into the Basement and cleanse the spawned Totem.

While performing the ritual you cannot be put into the Dying State or you will fail the Ritual

Successfully finishing the Ritual causes all Totems in the Trail to become Dull Totems and any new Boon or Hex applied to any Dull Totem for the next 10/20/30 seconds is reversed after 15 seconds.

Failing the Ritual causes your Aura to be revealed to the Killer for 45 seconds.

Well Traveled

After completing any conspicuous action that can be tracked by a map, Well Traveled activates. While Active, you can approach an empty chest to Rummage through it and find a basic Map.

The Map obtained automatically has 2/3/4 objectives of the same type as your most recent completed action. (i.e. cleansing or blessing a Totem gives you a map with totems tracked)

The Map has a 50% chance to have the Crystal Bead Addon equipped.

In the Home

After repairing a total of 80% of a generator, In the Home activates. 

When In the Home is active you can approach the Basement Hooks and perform a 15/12/10 second Prayer to have the Entity Block the Basement Hooks for 60 seconds and In the Home Deactivates. You are then inflicted with the Broken Effect for 60 seconds after The Basement Hooks become unblocked.

Chapter of [***]: Hideaway in the dark

A chapter regarding some more unnatural mechanisms in the world that haven't been fully fleshed out. Though sadly I don't have the Purest Ideas for this guy I want him to be a stealth Killer but he just doesn't fit the mold that hasn't already been filled. If you have Ideas share I do at least want the power concepts to out there and in a working state.

The Secret

A closely guarded prisoner of war. Has a natural affinity for Magics (Like the Hag) but doesn't know the way to control. 

Power: Hidden From The World

Our 4th character to travel the Ethereal Plane. Like spirit but not a full traversal like Nurse so TR is always active.

Hex: Scourged Realm

While this Hex is Active:

  • All Status Effect Timers last 150/175/200% longer.
  • All Hooks within a 24 meter radius of the Totem affected by this perk are considered Scourge Hooks and do not count to the total number

Caged Soul

When a survivor is unhooked in the basement, Caged Soul activates for the next 20/25/30 seconds.

While Caged Soul is active any survivor that exits the basement is marked for 60 seconds.

While a survivor is marked by Caged Soul all vault locations used by the marked survivor in chase are blocked after 1 vault instead of 3.

Cursed Presence

When a survivor reaches Struggle Phase for the first time in a Trial, Cursed Presence activates for the remainder of the Trail.

Any time a survivor comes within 8/12/16 meters of a hooked survivor after Cursed Presence activates, the hooked survivor’s hook timer is paused and they are barraged with continuous skill checks until they are unhooked or fail the skill check. If they fail the skill check their current Hook progression is immediately progressed to the next stage

If the Survivor is still alive after failing, they are let off the hook and the hook breaks for 30 seconds.

Josef Zeman

Boon: Overworked

Press and Hold the Active Ability button near a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem

Soft chimes ring out within a radius of 24 meters

Survivors inside the Boon Totem’s range benefits from the following effects:

  • Every 20 seconds in the range Perks that cause exhaustion can be used while exhausted. Doing this causes the exhaustion to double in length proportionally.
  • Exhausted Survivors perform vault actions 10/15/20% faster

You can only bless one Totem at a time.

All equipped Boon Perks are active on the same Boon Totem.

Extreme Lengths

While in a chase you can perform a Vault through a blocked window. This vault will be a medium vault if it would have been a fast vault.

Using Extreme Lengths causes the exhaustion effect for 60/50/40 seconds

You cannot use Extreme Lengths while Exhausted.

Ritual of Energization

At the start of the Trial Ritual of Energization begins.

For every Loud Noise Notification Made gain a Token. You cannot Gain Tokens in a Chase.

When you gain 40 tokens the Ritual is Complete.

While performing the Ritual you cannot perform Conspicuous Actions or be put into the Dying State or you fail the Ritual.

If 3 generators are completed before you finish the Ritual you fail the Ritual. 

Successfully finishing the Ritual causes all survivors to recover completely from Exhaustion and the user of the perk can use perks that inflict Exhaustion while exhausted with a 60 second cooldown until the Exit Gates are powered. When the Exit Gates are Powered you become exhausted for 300 seconds.

Failing the Ritual inflicts the exhaustion status effect to all other survivors for 60 seconds and the user for  210/195/180 seconds.

I guess with this all over with I should say that criticisms of the Ideas and their executions is entirely welcome and kind of required for these. Questions will also be answered if you have them

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