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Blaming DC'ers is stupid

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I used to blame Dc'ers. When I played in Swf's, I would instantly stop talking to a teammate if they ever quit mid-match and remove them as a friend. They would complain that the game was now too killer-sided with the new update and I would just pass this off as whining and bad sportsmanship.

Problem is, survivors are DC'ing for a reason. The latest update was hard on survivors. It actively sought to make the game more boring for them by increasing generator time.

It doesn't make sense to blame people for not doing generators when generator time has increased. It doesn't make sense to blame solo queue teammates when survivor perks have been nerfed. It doesn't make sense to blame people for quitting when the game has become completely unplayable and not fun at all for them.


I have listened to a lot of people's responses and there are a few things which demand clarification. I'm not saying that it doesn't suck when a DC happens in a game, obviously. I'm saying that if you want to prevent it from happening, you won't get anywhere by blaming the symptom and not treating the cause. The cause is apparently this update, given how much people are talking about an increase of DC's.

Second, I am not necessarily talking about winning or losing as a reason for DC'ing in a game. Levels of enjoyment don't necessarily depend on winning or losing, although winning obviously helps. It cannot be said that the increase in generator times has done anything to increase levels of survivor enjoyment, given they are undeniably the most tedious task of the game.

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