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Blaming DC'ers is stupid



  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    Everyone keeps focussing on difficulty but what about enjoyment? Is it really enjoyable to watch a progression bar creep upward for 90 seconds? What's next, 100 seconds?

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    You really have this 'get good or go home' attitude so bad that you can't even see what I'm saying.

    And again, I don't care about perks, I care about generator times being extended. Generator times were never fun, and countless other things could have been changed to balance the game, but instead bhvr decides to take the most gruelling, boring and tedious part of the game and extend it.

    No, I won't blame my friends. I won't blame people who are fed up with the game and DC

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    I'm obviously not saying DC'ing is good. I'm saying it seems stupid to blame individual behaviour for something which seems clearly to have been caused systemically by a major game update.

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    Again, I don't care about PERKS! The generator time is now too long! The most boring, gruelling and tedious part of the game has been EXTENDED!

  • CaulDrohnCaulDrohn Member Posts: 1,163

    Of this 10 games the Jake lost, how many were lost bc someother DC'ed or gave up on the hook? Bc when Jake does that now, he's dooming the other three survivors as well! When you say it is cool for Jake to DC, you also say it is cool for the remaining ones to have a miserable game after that.

    Games being harder bc killers got buffed is just one side of the equation. Esp. for solo Q, half of the games you lose you do so bc your mates DC, give up or mess up badly. That's got NOTHING to do with killer getting buffed with the patch!

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    And why did the people Jake were playing with give up? Can't you see the chicken or the egg situation you're in here? All roads lead back to the game being made more difficult and tedious for survivors.

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    Then why don't you give up every single perk that has an effect that lasts less than 10 seconds, seemings as its so useless. Oh wait, most perks have effects which last for 2–4 seconds. 10 seconds is obviously not a trivial amount of time in this game, and you're blind if you think that it is. Especially multiplied by 5 and then add some for regression and for the superfluos generators on the map.

    Not to mention generators are clearly the most boring, tedious and gruelling part of the game. If anything should have been changed it should NOT have been an increase to generator time

  • akumaks13akumaks13 Member Posts: 42

    it is normal for people to dc when there are only tunnels and camps, soloq just so boring right now

  • shaloshalo Member Posts: 1,158

    Why would anyone sane queue up for a game that's "completely unplayable and not fun at all for them" and then DC?

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    No I want a god damned refund but I was told I'm not allowed one

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 6,276
    edited August 7

    At the end of the day anyone can dc if they want to and if they want to suffer the consequences (i.e. timer penalty)

    Do they need to give anyone an explanation or an apology? No.

    In the broader scheme of things though, it is very apparent that the patch brought the worst out of both sides. Those that now that BHVR is holding their hand will still play in their old ways (scummy) and those that refuse to play the game out because of how some of these effects have trickled down.

    This was expected.

  • MigrantTheGreatMigrantTheGreat Member Posts: 1,318

    Just because the difficulty got cranked up, doesn't justify DC'ing. We call that 'skill issue' or 'failure to adapt'.

    Ultimately the player is at fault, but you can't even pin 30% of the blame on BHVR for making the game difficult when 'we' the players made them make this decision, because killers were underperforming, and both sides metas were either stale or too powerful for a 4v1 game

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    I really really can't understand everyone's attitude thinking that this is all about winning or losing. It's also about enjoyment. It's simply not enjoyable to sit in front of a generator and watch a progression bar creep up for an entire minute and a half. Why in gods name would the developers have wanted to make that even worse for survivors?

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    There' not just difficulty, winning and losing though. There's also enjoyment! Generators are clearly the least enjoyable, most tedious part of the game. Bhvr decided to extend that! WHY!?!?

    If people quit, maybe its just because the developers decided to make the game less fun. It's not all about egos being hurt and losses, although that clearly factors into it, but it's also about making a nice experience for gamers. By increasing the generator time the only conclusion i can come to is that BHVR doesn't care about survivors

  • caramelpuddingcaramelpudding Member Posts: 84

    I think it depends... I honestly don't understand when someone DC's after a (fast) first down. I do understand the urge to disconnect, but in past I had plenty of games where I went down within a minute, but escaped in the end. I also understand the urge to disconnect when you face a certain killer (looking at you Pinhead), but that's just bad luck and no reason for a DC.

    NOW... what I DO understand is when you get hooked and no one bothers to come to get you, maybe being busy self caring for 100 years at the very corner of the map while the others are just standing around, doing nothing. Why give them extra more time? I also understand a DC during a slug fest with knockout. This is even worse than tunneling imo.

    But saying the game is too killer sided and that's why someone DC's... why even load in into a match just to disconnect within the next minute? It sounds like they intended to DC.

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 5,999

    SO because you can't get a refund, you've decided you want to justify d/cing.

    You paid for a game, you played it, and now you aren't feeling the game anymore. That happens. There's plently of games I've brought that I just stopped playing and I never once thought I deserved a refund because I decided I was done playing a game I had purchased.

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    No what I want is for generator times to go back to normal, because who on earth wants to sit and watch a progress bar creep up for a minute and a half?? But since I can't get that and the game has changed, I want my money back. I think this is utterly ridiculous and for the life of me I can't understand how on the one hand people can think increased generator time is not big deal and on the other hand blame people for being fed up with the game, like myself.

    I can't understand the ATTITUDE of people thinking its all about winning and losing when its about making a game that's supposed to be enjoyable for people! it's not enjoyable for people to lose, but it's a downright kick in the face and being spat on to be told you have to do even more of the most boring, tedious and gruelling part of this game (generator repair).

  • MigrantTheGreatMigrantTheGreat Member Posts: 1,318

    Because finding, chasing, downing, and hooking the first survivor, just to have 3 gens pop isn't enjoyable for killers.

    I don't think BHVR understand that gen times aren't the problem. It's survivors lacking a objective prior to gens.

  • HannaciaHannacia Member Posts: 816

    You say game has to be enjoyable for people but you do know that this game has 2 sides? survivors and killers... yes killers are people too they deserve to have their game enjoyable too.

    This patch was killer sided and for a good reason. They had to make changes since the game was too survivor sided and heres the news flash.. killers werent having FUN.

    This being said i still think the biggest issue is the map sizes and safe loops but this is what they did now who knows what happens in the future.

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    Then change something else! Make killers faster or something? Don't make the worst part of the game even worse!

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 6,276

    Because someone at BHVR thinks holding M1 is thrilling and exciting. /s

    Seriously though, I am not sure. The reason being thrown around is “killrates”. To which my response is… if it was about killrates, they would have done something more substantial than a flat nerf/buff. Why? Because DBD has gotten to a point where a minor change can affect certain killers differently.

    Why buff the length of how long it takes to hold M1 on a gen instead of making it more interactive and have survivors install “parts” (as an example). Why not take this opportunity to buff each and every individual killer who needs it. Rather than universal buffs that benefit one killer more than another who was already in need of buffs.

    Mobility for example. Something which the majority of the killer roster doesn’t have. Why not work on making every killer more mobile? While also finding NEW ways to chase and mind-game. So the killer actually feels like a threat (word they used) but like a FUN threat. Not the “Ugh gotta mend for a million years” kinda threat. Looking at you Legion. 🫠

  • KaliniktaKalinikta Member Posts: 702

    It does make sense to blame people when not doing gens, because they are longer. They need now more attention than ever. If you find it boring, don't play survivor as it's part of their gameplay.

    What do perks being less strong need blaming for? If people make bad plays they make badplays, but rather have them try and fail than DC. I bet I am a solo that causes people sometimes to slam their face, we ain't perfect. No need to blame people for trying, losing is ok.

    I blame people for rage quiting, because it ruins the game. If you don't find it fun, unplayable... Then don't join a match. I won't blame them for not playing.

    People making excuses why it is ok to DC don't get it at all. Those people are purely entitled cry babies, that don't like that the game got more difficult for them and think it justifies them for ruining the game for others. Does solo queue need a buff, most definitely. Yet if you boot up the game, pick your role and queued up than you signed up to play the game as it currently is, so play it out. We are all in the same boat... Nothing makes you special.

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    Sure, but are you going to blame everyone ever who DC's, especially when it's apparently on the rise and this is connected to the update? I'm pretty sure it's also the updates fault

  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 2,826
    edited August 7

    I mean you are right, but there were lnumberous threads about gens being boring way before the update. So yes, if they are boring now, they were boring before, and people complained about it long enough. What is your point here? The game got more boring on that part.

    You are absolute right.

    I am a solo survivor main, and i have reduced my dbd playtime by about 80%. In the last 20% i mostly play killer (just did all but one adept achivement on killers i have, bringing my achivement count to 90%).

    I couldnt find decent solo matches anymore, partly because camping and tunneling went up in my region and mmr bracket, partly because dcs and suicides (or other behaviour that basicly throws the match away), so i stopped. And every solo survivor that doesnt enjoy the role anymore should do the same.

    DC´s are not only bad for the other players, its bad for the game overall. Because players do it if a game goes wrong for them. However, as far as i know, games including dc´s are not part of the kill/escape statistics the devs look at, meaning a lot of games where killers are winning are actually ignored in those statistics, while the ones where survivors are winning are kept, and thats screwing over the kill stats big time.

    (thats why i dont understand this conspirity-talk about tampering kill numbers by dcíng, because it actually has the opposite effect.)

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