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Feedback : Streamer Mode - New Ping UI - Wesker & Flashlights (re-post after put in wrong forum)

SlowLorisSlowLoris Member Posts: 114

Hi there,

I did a lot of testing on the PTB today, and I have a few things that I'd like to submit feedback about that I think are very important.

First, Streamer Mode.

Please, I beg of you. Before this goes live, it needs one more option. I'm extremely happy for Streamer mode, but I was worried when it was announced that it would end up missing the most important thing. A lot of survivor players just want the fairness of a game that the killer is given. I want to have people check out my channel if we had a great game / to say GG, but I don't want them to have the chance to watch it while we're playing.

Please, allow a mode like Anonymous that is active until the END GAME SCREEN. My name and those in my lobby can be hidden until the score screen, and then it shows my actual name. That way the Killer knows they can come check me out, and maybe watch the game play from my side.

The only reason I have TV in my name is because I have met many amazing people. I don't often accuse someone of "stream sniping" - However, I can tell you that I have way better games when I'm offline. Please allow me to meet these new people while not playing the match at a disadvantage. This isn't just a disadvantage to me, but my teammates as well. It is not uncommon to be playing a match, and the killer is slugging for the 4k, unable to locate the 4th survivor, and I look at what they're doing, then all of a sudden the killer makes a b-line for their location when they should still have no idea where they are. I've stopped spectating my teammates or even looking were they are, because of this.

Second, New Ping UI

I love the new Ping UI, but it could use some adjustments. I love that I can now see survivor ping when looking at the lobby, but why are we still not able to see the killers ping in the lobby? If we're adding these changes, please have the killers ping displayed near where the old ping indicator used to be. Another huge QoL would be to not get rid of the survivors ability to view their actual ping. If we could hover over our own / teammates ping icon, and see the number, that'd be amazing.

Another small request would be to change the location of the ping notification while in game. The place it is currently in grabs your peripheral vision, and is hard to ignore.

Perhaps it could be moved somewhere like here, because is not constant information you need to look at. This would also allow it to expand if more people in the match need their ping shown / my ping shown.

Forgive my very quick MSPaint adjustment. It would also be nice if on the Escape screen it showed this icon with the actual ping for the killer.

Lastly, Wesker and Flashlights. This is a different sort of feedback and I'm not sure if it's a bug, so I'll be submitting a Bug report.

Right now Wesker gets a free perk, basically built in Lightborn. Whenever you use his ability to down / instantly pick someone up he is unable to be flash light saved / flash bang saved. I feel as if he either should only instantly grab if the person was fully infected OR he should be adjusted to be flash light saveable even when he grabs someone in his power. We tried many different ways for almost an hour, and it was impossible to save with a Flash Bang or Flash Light.

Flash Lights are already the weakest item in the game - and only strong if used well. No killer should be given a built in perk that automatically nullifies survivor items. Even plague still allows survivors to use medkits if they heal, then take m1 damage or corrupt purge damage.

This is just my simple feedback, and I hope it is at least acknowledged. Out of everything here, please please please reconsider how Streamer mode will be implemented. While I realize that people say all the time "if you don't want to be stream sniped don't put TV in your name", that doesn't change how many amazing people I've met by doing it. It took me over a year to do it, and I regretted not doing it sooner. However, I don't regret the killers that beat me on hook while watching my stream, and take advantage of it. Nobody should be forced to have a bad playing experience, because they want to grow their community. The mode was implemented almost perfectly, just allow me to use it until end game screen, and it will make me and many others very happy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



Small Edit: Apparently someone has managed a Flash Bang save, but we tested this for a LONG time today. A couple of hours, and we were not able to make this happen. Since this person was successful in a public game, I can only assume the killer just didn't react in time / didn't notice it quick enough. Even if that isn't the case, he is still completely immune to a Flash Light save.


  • FrozenTvDinnerFrozenTvDinner Member Posts: 16

    These are really good ideas for changes.

  • SlowLorisSlowLoris Member Posts: 114

    Thank you, I try my best to give helpful feedback on features. In this case, Streamer Mode is EXTREMELY important to me, and I hope the devs will at least acknowledge my feedback.

  • kisfenkinkisfenkin Member Posts: 440

    This would definitely be a help. Streamers that hide their name completely can't bring in viewers from their matches. Without Lori's suggestion I don't see a reason for the Streamer Mode to exist. The streamers want to draw in viewers but not help snipers/cheaters.

    They are basically giving free advertising. It should be needless to say that deserves much better support than just the option to not promote themselves. They could already choose to not promote themselves by actively choosing a name that doesn't promote their stream, so this doesn't look like it fixes much of anything to me.

    Also, why is this PC only?!

  • Seal_MassacreSeal_Massacre Member Posts: 1

    I agree with Loris on this. Your name should just be changed to whatever character you're playing until the post game screen. I'm a killer main so it's not that big of a deal for me since they don't see my name/steam profile until they are dead. But I can and do see the frustration of people wanting people to come into the streams and say gg or compliment their gameplay and give tips to others as well. Most killers that take advantage of this use it to see where all the survivors spawn and then tunnel and camp the TTV to get a reaction. My mods over on my channel go to the TTV's channel to make sure none of my community/people watching me start anything with another Twitch streamer. I also go back and watch their VODS after I am done streaming to check myself. But some killers just abuse the fact that they can go into a stream and tunnel and camp them and say GGEZ and just take it to a toxic level. I love meeting new people through Twitch. It's how I met Loris in the first place. We just want a fun and supportive community to build through our games and get to meet the awesome people that do play this game.

  • SlowLorisSlowLoris Member Posts: 114

    This means so much to me that you'd take the time to come write this much after hearing me talk about how much this feature means to me. While I know that many people think "it's our choice" to advertise ourselves and we should deal with what comes our way, I just don't see why that makes sense. I know there are good eggs and bad eggs within the community, but some of us are just wholesome content creators that want to meet other fantastic / likeminded people to make the community less toxic. Unfortunately, I can't check someones "wholesome meter" when we're in lobby to know if they're going to give me a fair game.

    I don't want to have to fully hide my identity, because I can't meet the people that would be a joy to be a round. Why would we have a feature like this added if we can't just simply have an option to make the game as fair as it already is for one side. On Steam I can already simply change my name, and I do when I'm not live, so people don't get upset that it shows TV, etc. However, if I take TV out of my name when live, it's not as simple as someone seeing it on my profile, I can never meet any of the console/windows/epic players, because they cannot view my profile.

    I do hope that BHVR will take the time to read these messages and see how important this is. I honestly believe the only reason there hasn't been more "feedback" on it is because the feature wasn't immediately listed in the patch notes, and I didn't even know they added it until I went to change my lobby from public to private on the PTB.

    Lastly, this was the way I met Seal! I was being a goober in one of his lobbies, but he was a curve Billy - my absolute favorite thing in the game - and well uh....let's just say my love for Billy knows no bounds. After the match he came by and we all laughed about the stupid things that happened in the match, and he is a huge part of my community now. Stuff like this is why I love meeting new people in this game, but I also meet a lot of people that want to make me miserable for no reason at all.

  • FrozenTvDinnerFrozenTvDinner Member Posts: 16


  • SlowLorisSlowLoris Member Posts: 114

    Haha, thank you. I do hope BHVR at least acknowledges how important the first part of this is to a lot of us.

  • SlowLorisSlowLoris Member Posts: 114
    edited August 16

    Now that the ptb is closed, can we at least know if feedback about the new streamer mode is even being listened to? This feature is extremely important to me and many others. I just want to make sure it's not only being created for big streamers and leaving out the little guys.

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