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Why the hate for Hook Suicide?



  • OscarnatorOscarnator Member Posts: 307

    Who wants an immerse Claudette who never touches a gen and runs into the killer’s power when they’re not even the one getting chased? Maybe if you want a good laugh but who wants that the majority of their matches?

    That would cause so many people to take a break from DBD. Killer Q times are going to be even longer if people aren’t allowed to a leave match where your team is literally doing the killer’s job for them. The people that DC just beacuse they got downed first ARE immature and do need to grow up, I agree with that. But it is so infuriating trying your very, very best to carry a match, putting it your all, then watching your team spit on that hard work by making the worst decisions they could’ve possibly made. It’s like if you’re in a group project and when you do all the work while your partner does absolute nothing, and it’s time to present they just say some random BS not even follow your presentation; giving you a failing grade because of them. I get I signed up when playing SoloQ but that dos not make it acceptable to give me that type of experiencing when I gave you $60 + DLC hoping you fix it.

    Like with SWF you have a team and even if you lose or even if your team sucks you laugh it off cuz they’re your friends. With Killers you only really have yourself to blame if you lose unless someone like 4% and gets hatch or a game breaking glitch happens. Even when going against a SWF it’s been proven time and time again it is possible. Weather it’s fair or not is totally diffent matter but I digress.

    Like I’m an A-hole for ruining the match but the immersed Claud gets a free pass? I just disagree with that 🤷‍♂️

  • OscarnatorOscarnator Member Posts: 307

    Honestly the only reason I regularly play SoloQ beacuse the matches that are fun are REALLY fun and peak DBD. Like having a teammate that gets that game changing flash save with 0 comms. Or your entire team trying to figure a way to save the person on hook in endgame. It is ADDICTING and extremely fun to play those types of matches. But instead I just get bad players who literally do not know how the game works. It’s so painful when you put in so much work to carry but you get shafted anyway. And when you play with SWF that are good you’re a toxic gen rusher. You play to have fun you’re a toxic bullyer. Survivors can’t really win. It goes both ways with the survivor rule book and just baby rage and entitlement a lot of survivors have.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 3,131

    Hook suiciding shows the state of the game where survivor is really hopeless and unwinnable.

    Survivors would be better to take a pass on queuing up, otherwise DLCs will always be centered around OP killers, strong killer perks, and nerfing survivors with weak perks.

  • NazzzakNazzzak Member Posts: 946

    I'm fine with those hook suicides. I think alot of solo players get it. It's the ones who, not even a couple minutes in, throw a hissy fit and bow out. At least try.

  • NazzzakNazzzak Member Posts: 946

    I've never let go on hook purposely, but those scenarios are absolutely the times when I am so tempted. As it is, there's been times I've been let go to second stage and unhooked last second, and then gone on to have an amazing game and escape. Remembering those games helps me hold out.

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    soloQ really needs something to let others know what your doing being something next to your name like in chase to help soloQ big time, things i know worked for me was pointing at stuff like a gen to do even if one of us got hit, if they are healing teabag so they let you heal them and end game chat give tips i think you might of said you play on console not sure. It is really though no matter what you try i will agree with you on that.

    Something is better then just giving up and killing yourself on hook because then they start to think its fine to do that and it just spreads.

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    Not every swf that play to have fun is toxic bullys or gen rushers a lot of them just want to have fun but finding a killer willing to meme around with them and have a laugh is hard, it starts to become toxic bullys when you have a 4 man swf and all they want to do is blind you as much as they can and not care about gens, is that fun for the killer even more when they switch at the last second so the killer can't even put on lightborn.

    The only way things will get better is if all of us as a community step up and be the bigger person and help out the new people, not hook suicide, not camp a survivor at 5 gens, if all new people see is the ######### things people complain about then guess what happens they start to do the same thing.

    But it's a major ask to ask each side to step up and be the better person, remember that this is only a game and to try and have fun with out ruining someone else's experience.

  • Majin151Majin151 Member Posts: 1,001

    Oh I'm going to run reassurance just so people can't hook suicide I absolutely despise hook suiciders

  • Bubble0sevenBubble0seven Member Posts: 115

    It shows the character of people when things get tough or they don't get their way they simply give up. Why even play if your just going to give up continually your just a selfish player....Anyhow I do not know why your so mad and so entitled but after reading so many of your responses you just seem to be a very angry person that should actually take a break from the game if it is causing you to be so mad all the time.

  • whammigobambamwhammigobambam Member Posts: 1,177

    What if the survivor on hook is a gigabrain and knows by what they see upon the hook the outcome of the match? I like to prove those types wrong but I've yet to be proven wrong myself. I mean I've gotten hatch before but God I hate playing for hatch.

    Tldr; Gigabrain will stay in match for you but everyone will die.

  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 732

    Rare occurrences this happens, but it's still constitutes the type of hook suicides that people get annoyed with the most. My point wasn't mentioning the frequency, but just the type of hook suicides that really grind people's gears.

    People can obviously have reasons they do this that are valid (need to leave for emergency), but it still is extremely annoying when you hop off your gen, run across the map and then they die in front of your eyes.

  • Hawk81584Hawk81584 Member Posts: 233

    just because a killer decides he wants to play in a way that makes it so bad i dont want to really play. doesnt mean i dont have the option to leave on my own terms. thats the luxury of it all. we can just call it "strategy".

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,271

    I feel like reassurance is going to be the first ever survivor perk you'll want to see nerfed

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,739

    You're talking about two different things here, and that's the problem.

    In your first scenario, you equate simply making mistakes and getting outplayed as 'spitting on your hard work'. That's a really poor attitude, as the entire nature of solo queue is - well - random. Remember, (AFAIK) if the queue is getting longish, SBMM will attempt to pair you with people to give you an average MMR close to that of the killer's, within your MMR 'bracket'.

    That could mean you getting 3 god tier players against a killer way better than you, or it could be 1 god tier player, you, and two people not as good as you versus a killer at your skill level.

    The other scenario is a player who is deliberately refusing to participate - ie. trolling. That's reportable.

    The issue is that far too many people think that just playing badly is trolling. Dunnig Kreuger is alive and well in cyberspace, but this is a very snowbally game which also doesn't help matters.

    Just remember: we were all new once, and survivor - especially for newer players - is not a role that's especially intuitive. It has a rhythm to it that takes time to learn.

    There is an unspoken contract when it comes to playing solo - that you'll take what you get. If you don't want to abide by this, you have multiple ways to find a group. If I find myself with a trolling or (more likely) simply out of their depth teammate, I'll focus on practicing looping and maximizing BP gain, and who knows, maybe we'll catch a break?

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,739

    Freedom here has certain restrictions. You don't get to troll, grief, hack and there shouldn't be such an easy way to completely ruin games without penalty.

    I'd love to see BHVR track hook suicides and start penalizing people who do it excessively.

    There are dozens of free VPNs with enough monthly data to play DbD and then some. Although, if you're that worried, you've got way bigger things to worry about online.

    By giving them a chance to play the match out, and not deliberately sabotaging the match?

  • OscarnatorOscarnator Member Posts: 307

    Yea that’s my entire point. If you don’t do gens and meme with the killer the killer will think you’re a bully squad. You actually do gens? Toxic gen rusher lol. Not every killer wants to meme or will meme so when you actually try to play you’re labeled as toxic. Can’t really win

  • Le_TurbineLe_Turbine Member Posts: 9

    Because if you are in the Team Role and Left the team behind because it ain't your liking then MAYBE your team (and the killer sometimes) may found you obnoxious

  • SuzuKRSuzuKR Member Posts: 3,911

    DBD if there weren't immature players ruining the game for all 4 other people because they decided to queue up despite being too immature to handle playing against something that's part of the game:

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,739

    This feels like projection, to be honest. I play both roles about equally and I'd say that I'm multiple times more likely to encounter BM survivors on killer than the inverse, even accounting for the 4 to 1 ratio. And I'm about the nicest killer you could hope for.

    If you win, you're a sweaty tryhard.

    If you lose, you're a noob and are told to uninstall.

    Play a meta perk or killer? Lol carried.

    Play an unconventional killer or build? 'OMG just play the game normally'.

    You'll get cussed out if you 4k.

    You'll get cussed out if you let people go.

    I've been whinged at for running Lightborn, Franklins, Retribution and all sorts of off-meta stuff. I've been whinged at for playing Demogorgon, Plague, Artist and Cenobite. If you want to know what a lose/lose situation is like - play killer for a few weeks.

    Yes, survivor is a role with it's own frustrations - but I think most killers are just there to play the game and to have some fun.

    The problem is that there are some extremely toxic SWF 'bully squads', and after facing a few you start approaching all SWFs as if they are one.

    My policy is always to go hard from the start, and ease up if I'm stomping.

  • Hawk81584Hawk81584 Member Posts: 233

    having a har dtime understanding this one.....are you calling somoene who d/cs a cheater for leaving so a pal can get hatch.....if thats the case isnt it kinda bending the rules of hatch if the killer decides he wants to play the slug game so he can prevent the dynamics of hatch from working? i mean one is more scummy than the other. killers wanting 4ks so much is what led to the delusion that all killers arent viable. problem really is that people arent good enough with that killer to make that killer a viable option at high ranks. but noone wants to hear the truth

  • SuzuKRSuzuKR Member Posts: 3,911

    I said hook suiciding for reasons that are NOT cheaters or hatch is immature.

  • Hawk81584Hawk81584 Member Posts: 233

    sounds pretty toxic to me....if they dont want to play and you hold them hostage. thats no better then them wanting to leave. But this is how the community works. you basically just admitted you're goal was to make the game fun for others. the problem is you are entitled and think that them leaving is against the rules. hate to break it to you. but people outside of d/cing have every right to just let themselves die on hook. if you dont like that im sorry. but you do not control others

  • Hawk81584Hawk81584 Member Posts: 233

    sorry bruh....dying on hook is......"strategy" afterall. welcome to the opposite side to camping/slugging/tunneling....

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    Bruh why don't you try reading comments and even more what the topic is about, its not about if you should or shouldn't be allowed to ######### on hook but why people get upset about it, like when a survivor gets a killer they don't like or they get downed first and rage quit.......this topic had nothing to do with camping/slugging/tunneling.

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    It's the reason why people kill themselves on hook that people are upset about not that they can do it, you say they are entitled sorry but it's people like you who really are entitled that think they have every right to kill themselves on hook just because they get a killer they don't like, a map, found first and got downed quick when you thought you could loop that killer for ages.

    I do the same thing if i know a survivor just wants out of the game because i hooked them before a gen popped so they try and 4%, sorry but if your team gets you of the hook your the last person i'm hooking, if its a emergency then DC by the time you have sorted out the emergency your DC penalty will be over.

  • testertester Member Posts: 792

    Survivor q is instant. What are you guys complaining about? Just join another match. It's that simple.

    I will KMS if I don't enjoy match and join another one in a minute. Why should I waste my limited time? If devs don't care about solo q experience, why should I? Unlike them, I don't get paid for it.

  • OscarnatorOscarnator Member Posts: 307

    When did I say that you weren’t able to encounter more BM survivors? Don’t see that anywhere near my comment.

    Killer BM and survivor BM aren’t even comparable to each other

    Killer BM: Tunnel, Camp, Slug to death

    Survivor BM: Crouch animation, flashlight clicking, flashlight blinding, doing the objective too fast, Engame T-bagging at gate.

    Counter for Killer BM: Nothing unless you can loop for 5 gens, Nothing unless your with a SWF and if they’re Bubba you’re dying regardless, Unbreakable which you can only use once, don’t look at chat

    Counter for Killer BM: It’s a crouch animation why are you bothered they’re giving you time to catch up, it’s a click animation they’re giving you time to catch up, Shadowborn and Franklins, Nurse, force them out by M1.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,739

    You're talking about two kinds of BM here.

    The survivor equivalent would be stuff like double locker flashlight abuse, hiding to stall the game out forever, abusing spots where you can't be picked up etc.

    Or, the killer equivalent would be stuff like hitting on hook.

    Tell me, what is the counter to a group of survivors that switch to flashlights last second with a DDS offering, and stall the game out for an extra 10 minutes abusing double lockers?

    Clicky macros give me an actual migraine.

  • OscarnatorOscarnator Member Posts: 307

    Easily countered by Shadowborn? And Franklins?

    Thats bannable.

    Also bannable.

    Nurse. Shadowborn, franklins. Or Alchimst ring blight. Or looking around for the survivor trying to save? Am I missing something here?

    Fari enough with the flashlight clicking but then what do you do if you play doctor or against him? Or Artist, Demo, gens popping right after each other, skill checks, and when a survivor is injured? They also produce constant noise. Some higher pitched than flashlights.

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