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Nemesis infection hits

Nemesis hits which cause infection, but not injury, shouldn't activate a sprint burst on the survivor. This includes any infection hit from a zombie. For the Nemesis to get the most out of his power, he needs to deal with a sprint burst 3 times on the same survivor.

I suggest altering his ability so that any hit which infects the survivor but not injure, doesn't give the survivor a sprint burst.


  • SpiritWolfSpiritWolf Member Posts: 16

    The fact that the devs say that without the SB on infection makes Nemesis "tOo oP" is laughable.

    Hell even the zombies are laughable literally just played 3 games and in everyone my zombies;

    1. Got stuck in the floor and spaz out
    2. Block me while I'm chasing a Survivor
    3. When they actually hit a Survivor it's because the Survivor intentionally got hit to gain distance.

    The problem isn't the Tentacle giving a SB, It's his whole kit

    I'd much rather have a full rework of his power.

    Give Us The True Nemesis: Rocket Launcher and Sprint

    Look at what they did for Wesker, he is actually accurate to his character in RE and his power is quite strong.

  • BubbleBusterBubbleBuster Member Posts: 387

    I wish the infection had a small debuff to action speed or something like that.

    His tentacle is pretty powerful during a chase but it can also be countered quite easily in the right circumstances so i hope they buff his infection one day to warrant the downside of giving survivors a sprint burst.

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