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BBQ and Chili indirect nerf



  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 134

    Also affects Bitter Murmur, Survivors can benefit from hiding in the locker when someone else finishes a gen. How does this change affect survivors negatively again? It's a nerf to killers and a buff to survivors, it gives me an extra option to avoid BBQ and Chili when I'm far from the killer. I welcome the change.

  • Inug0dInug0d Member Posts: 1
    edited January 31

    Has it been nerfed points wise? I've been hooking 3-4 players and not pass from 30k and sometimes barely 25k bp unless I use bp bonus perks. Also idle players should be kicked out of game just plain and simple lately this "ranked survivors" just idle in wait after 2 gens done leaving all the work to others, at least make the crows dmg cripple the survivor somehow.

  • SailedSavageSailedSavage Member Posts: 80
    If you have to use BBQ and Chili to not camp then you suck butt at killer. I've won countless games without camping before BBQ&C ever came out. Camping is a crutch because you suck at chases. As a survivor I love camping killers because if it's not me being camped I can escape 9/10 times.
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