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Parasyte the Maxim Chapter Concept

TartarosTartaros Member Posts: 5

This is a concept I truly want to happen for a anime license chapter dlc. 2 Survivors and 1 Killer.

Parasyte the Maxim

Killer: The Parasite


Difficulty: Hard



42m terror radius

Chase Theme: https://youtu.be/vIgCDWD_OgQ (if we have a Parasyte chapter I don’t think this song will play it would be something dbd will make but I can imagine what the chase theme will be.)

Basic Attack Weapon: Parasite claw (Gotou’s right claw shaft shifts into a sharp appendage like weapon to slice at survivors as a basic attack.)

The Abomination Killer, able to build up stronger as he attacks his prey with his scythe like weapons. When Special ability is ready The Parasite will be able to locate survivors in a huge range and bring a intense attack with his appendages.

His personal perks, Savage Force, Parasitic Fear, and Hex: Murderous Intent allow him to break things faster, see other survivors aura in your distant terror radius in a chase and a hex that causes survivors to not hear the killers terror radius when cleansed.


Gotou is a abomination parasite composing of 5 other parasites. Gotou believe that humans are inferior species and shows no remorse as he kills and dismembered. Gotou thinks that his existence is to fight and survive, kill after kill after kill Gotou has become more dangerous as each kill he has done, becoming the abomination he truly is craving for bloodshed and war just to fight. After he was defeated by Shinichi Izumi, a black fog covers Gotou’s corpse reviving the blood seeking monster and take him to a realm full of weak humans for him to butcher. A good perfect world for Gotou as he can do what ever he pleases with such ghastly murders for the awaken carnage.

Power: Superior Species

Craving for bloodshed and to be the superior race, Gotou will rip his prey into shreds.

Craving of Bloodshed

Passively charges at 1.5% per second for each survivor that is injured, hooked, dying, or suffering from a status effect. When Carnage Meter is full, press the Active Ability Button to unleash Carnage Mode.

Special Attack: Parasite Scythe

Press and hold the Power button to charge an attack. Press Attack button to use it. This one is a big sweep that can hit multiple Survivors. Attack Inflicts Hemorrhage and speeds up the Carnage Meter by 13.5%.

Special Attack: Parasite Skewer

Power Button + Active Ability button prepares Parasite Skewer and locks you into only Parasite Skewer until it is unleashed. Two attack Type Stab that functions similarly to a basic attack but can be done in quick succession. If the first hits the second attack cannot be used. Inflicts Mangled on hit, and speeds up the Carnage Meter by 23.2%.

Special Ability: Parasitic Carnage Mode

When the Carnage Meter is full, press and hold the Active Ability button to unleash Parasitic Carnage. Reduces at rate of 0.5% per second. Basic attacks will now have a increase lunge and will have access to additional abilities: Roar and Genocide Barrage.

Special Ability: Roar

Press the Active Ability button while Parasitic Carnage is active, Survivors within 56 meters scream and then suffer from Oblivious for 30 seconds. Using this reduces the Carnage Meter by 9.5%

Special Attack: Genocide Barrage

Power Button prepares large Barrage of Attacks released with attack button. Attacks as many times as you press the Attack button while holding the Power button. Each Attack reduces the Carnage Meter by 1%. Survivors hit by any attack are put into the Dying State.


The Parasyte will wraps his tail on someone’s throat then The Parasite will stab the survivors stomach with his hands, squeezes harder on the survivors throat and then with his right appendage he pierces through the heart. When in Carange Mode, The Parasite will mercilessly slash his appendages and tail at the survivor as he keeps doing so he then swipes the survivor’s legs and then repeatedly stabs the survivor with his appendages and scythe hands and then Impales the survivor’s head and heart with his appendages and roars.


Savage Force

Brutality has been your best suited method to hunt.

When a survivor stuns you with a pallet, the next time you destroy generators, breakable walls, and pallets, your damage speed increases by 25/30/35% faster.

“Your gonna shriek in Agony!” — Gotou

Parasitic Fear

Your presence horrifies anything that comes across you and spreads it to others.

When in a chase, if another survivor is close to your distant terror radius of 4/10/16 meters you see other survivors aura. The aura lingers for 5 seconds when chase ends. This perk as a 75/60/45 second cooldown.

“Are you telling me that freak look human to you?!” — Uragami

Hex: Murderous Intent

A hex that sends paranoia and makes someone suffer tremendous consequences.

When the hex is destroyed or blessed all survivors scream revealing their location and suffer Oblivious for 30/45/60 seconds. The survivor that breaks or bless the hex will suffer Broken status for 30 seconds, Mangled and Exhausted for 35/40/45 seconds.

“ITS OVER!” — Gotou


“Now I can do whatever i wish.” Gotou when the game starts

“Silly boy. The last time we met you skidded away like a little cockroach.” Gotou grabbing Shinichi from a locker.

“I cannot abide being injured by a lowly scrounging unworthy species!” Gotou when hit by a pallet.

”RAAAAUUUUUUGH!” Gotou when Hit by a pallet 2

“Your gonna shriek in agony!” Gotou when hit by pallet 3

“Some lonely little human is daring to challenge me?” Gotou when he starts to chase a survivor

“I always welcome a battle, even if there’s to be only one opponent.” Gotou when injuring a survivor with his basic attack.

“You can do better then that, humans are supposed to be the most intelligent lifeforms on the planet isn’t that right?” Gotou when carrying a survivor.

”What can a helpless little creature like you hope to do?” Gotou when hooking a survivor.

”How disappointing, I wouldn’t even call this a fight.” Gotou when downing a survivor.

”It’s time for you to become one with the refuge that surrounds you.” Gotou when using a mori

“The reason for my existence is to fight.” Gotou when using his ability.

Survivor: Shinichi Izumi

Shinichi Izumi is boy with a parasite named Migi, and will fight the killer to protect other survivors.

His personal perks, Valorous, Excruciating Save, and Greater Adversary allow him to stun the killer longer, take a hit to help survivors get away a chase, and become a great enemy to the killer.


Shinichi Izumi is a former high school student of West High with a parasite in his right arm named Migi. Shinichi tries to resume his life, well you can say normal to shinichi with a parasite living in shinichi who sleeps a lot.

Shinichi has been having ominous nightmares, a girl dead on the ground surrounded by black fog next to a hulking massive figure. That body was Kana, for months Shinichi has blamed himself for not being there for Kana, just remembering it makes a hole in heart. Migi has tried to reassure Shinichi that it’s not his fault but Shinichi disagrees. A black fog has surround them both, the same one in Shinichi’s nightmares. Shinichi covered his eyes as the fog consumes him.

Shinichi uncovers his eyes to see a familiar area. Shinichi asked Migi if he has any idea how they got here even Migi is utterly stunned. Shinichi hears a familiar voice coming close to him, he was embraced by Kana Kimishima, Shinichi is in complete shock to see her. No, Shinichi is actually happy to see her as well. Before Migi had the chance to say something a loud stomp was there in front of them. Shinichi recognized that monster in his nightmares. The abomination parasite Gotou is back and is prepared to finish what he had started. Shinichi has Kana with him and is completely unsure what’s going on for this isn’t a dream, but one thing for sure is this, Shinichi is not afraid of Gotou for he will now face his adversary once again.



You have great courage in the face of battle and willing to protect others.

At the start of the match you start off with 1/2/3 tokens. When you get a great skill checks on generators you gain a token up to the maximum of 5 tokens. Hitting the killer with a pallet increases stun duration for 1/1.5/2 seconds for each token. Hitting the killer consumes all tokens.

”Migi, handle the defense.” — Shinichi

Excruciating Save

You allow yourself to take the pain to have others get away.

When ever you take a protection hit for survivor they have 150% Haste for 2/3/4 seconds. When you take a protection hit you also leave no scratch marks or pools of blood for 10 seconds.

Greater Adversary

You let your allies around the campfire of your past experience of your mortal enemy.

When you are in a chase by the killer survivors will see your aura for 4/7/10 seconds.

When ever you escape the killers chase or sabotage hooks you gain a token up too the maximum of 3/5/7 tokens. If you are the obsession you gain 2 tokens. When you are unhooked by a survivor you consume all tokens and see the killers aura for 1/1.5/2 seconds per token.

When your The obsession and being chase by the killer with Greater Adversary you get 3% Haste status when healthy and 1% Haste status when injured.

Majorly increases your chance of being the obsession.

“Now I can at least see you for the disgusting monster that you really are!” — Shinichi

Special Interaction


When you use the perk saboteur, Migi will cut the hook instead of using your hands.

Survivor: Kana Kimishima

Kana Kimishima is a gifted girl who can send signals to other survivors and sense them.

Her personal perks, Soul Sense, Boom: Pathfinding Control, and Safeguard allow her to sense the obsession as well as work together with obsession, sense the killer, slow the killer when stunned.


Kana Kimishima is born with a gift that can sense things, more precisely parasites and it ended up her own end, dead on her crush Shinichi Izumi’s arms. However, death didn’t hold her long. Kana wakes up in a dark fog in what it looks to be a forest, her thought it was a dream but the pain she had from the parasite attack was more real.

Kana then sensed something wicked chasing after someone in danger. Kama thought that she can only sensed Shinichi and now after she encountered a parasite, she thought she can sense them but now she sensed something else. She channels her mind to see what is happening, the survivor has gotten away safe as sound for now. Kana felt like she should practice her senses so she wouldn’t make the same mistake and help someone in need after what she has witnessed.

Time was almost irreverent here, days months, who knows how long Kana had been in here. She has practiced her sensing ability on anything living mainly survivors and killers. One day Kama has sensed a familiar feeling. Kana sprints in a hurry with a smile on her face, he’s here. Her knight and Shinning armor is here, her soul mate, Shinichi Izumi.


Soul Sense

You send signals to the person closes to your heart.

You can see obsession’s aura and when interacting on a Generator or Healing a survivor with the obsession, progression increases 15/20/25% for you and the obsession.

Decreases your chances of being the Obsession.

”Shinichi, I told you I am able to sense you and only you.” — Kana

Boon: Pathfinding Control

When you sense you are endanger you reassure others and yourself that nothing is close.

Press and hold the Ability button near a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem. Soft chimes ring out in a 24 meter range.

When the killer is in the Boon Totem’s radius all survivors will see the killers aura when in the Boon Totem’s range. When boom is snuffed the aura of the killer lingers for 3/5/7 seconds.

You can only bless one Totem at a time. All equipped boon perks are active on your Boon Totem.


You show others that the enemy can be slow down.

After stunning the killer with a pallet or head on you let other survivors see the killers aura for 2/4/6 seconds. Stunning the killer makes the killer suffer Hindered status for 2/3/4seconds.

This perk has a cooldown for 45/40/35 seconds.

Cosmetic ideas

Very Rare: Dream outfit

Legendary outfit: Satomi Murano

In Game cosmetic idea

Legendary outfit for Legion: Uragami

(Comes with in game voice lines and same custome chase theme as Gotou)

New setting

For license Anime Chapter DLC, a idea is to have different voice settings depending if the anime has more then one language. For Parasyte the setting will be English and Japanese and you can pick which characters you want to have different voice settings too.

Anime characters with voice settings

Shinichi Izumi


Kana Kimishima



Satomi Murano

Special Note

I don’t know what quotes survivor’s and Uragami would use but I bet the devs would figure that one if they do this.

I really hope to see a license anime chapter dlc one day and Parasyte of the Maxim is a perfect one especially since it’s in the satisfactory survey, please help spread awareness to have anime license dlc chapters and spread awareness to have a Parasyte the Maxim with playable characters and perks. Send this concept to your friends family associates anime fans Parasyte fans friends from behavior just help spread out awareness to have anime license chapter dlc and Parasyte with Shinichi Kana and Gotou monster form please.

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