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Game Crashing Since Update?

KhalednazariKhalednazari Member Posts: 1,400
edited December 2018 in PS4
Dead By Daylight is crashing frequently since the new update yesterday on PS4. It has already crashed thrice for me today. Twice while waiting in the lobby and once while struggling on the new map. It's not like it's unplayable, I have played few games without issues, but the crashes are just random and annoying. Has anyone else faced this issue since the update too? 
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Best Answer

  • KhalednazariKhalednazari Posts: 1,400
    edited December 2018 Accepted Answer
    The developers have confirmed on today's live stream that they are aware of the crashes of various maps and other frames, lighting and audio issues with the new update. Work is in progress and will be patched eventually. 


  • RyuzakiRyuzaki Member Posts: 54
    edited December 2018

    Same issue for me since the new patch. I can't play the game because when it crashes it locks up my PS4 and i'm forced to power it off at the power outlet.

  • KhalednazariKhalednazari Member Posts: 1,400
    edited December 2018
    Seems like some of my friends are facing this issue too. The game also gets stuck then recovers on its own and its terrible to spectate matches with all the stuttering. 
  • radioedit91radioedit91 Member Posts: 13
    I was playing Clown for a ritual last night and someone offered the swamp. While I noticed the improvements the game suddenly completely crashed. The screen froze after I hooked someone and then went black for 12 seconds. An "error in application" popped up (luckily it didn't force a hard unplug) but it's still nonsense. We were all having a good game. I logged back in to see if I de pipped/ lost my offering...I didn't but who knows for the survivors. Devs please fix. Ps4 player btw
  • KhalednazariKhalednazari Member Posts: 1,400
    @Peanits @MandyTalk please help me move this thread to the PS4 bug reports subforum. Thanks.
  • KhalednazariKhalednazari Member Posts: 1,400
    Thank you @Peanits
  • SlipknotNutSlipknotNut Member Posts: 3

    Since the latest 2.4.0 patch on PS4, playing as survivor leads to a crash almost every other game. This is especially true with games involving the new map and/or new killer which is most of them right now. Game starts fine, can play for a while but after a certain amount of time it just crashes. I keep sending automatic error reports and a few of my friends have ran into the same issues as well.

  • PacGuziPacGuzi Member Posts: 7
    I had this issue too twice in a day 
  • DaniDa85DaniDa85 Member Posts: 27
    Same for me but only ingame on Olmond Resort two times today
  • scamp364scamp364 Member Posts: 1

    I’ve had the same problem twice today. Only in game, once on Yakomota board the other on Blackwater swamp.

  • thereason22thereason22 Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2018

    Having the same problem, I thought It was The legion that was bugged at first - it’s only crashed as I’ve hit a survivor while one was on the hook. Every time I get good pressure going the whole game crashes. Feels bad man. De-pipping keep got blue error screen both times.
    Both times were ormond resort as well.

  • cantoergoiamcantoergoiam Member Posts: 19
    I have only had it happen in the middle of games. Occurred twice on the new map, once as Freddy and once as Legion. I also just crashed in the middle of a game playing Pig on the Thompson House.
  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 2,414

    Yesterday, the game crashed for me every time I tried playing as Claudette (three times, different map each time). It also crashed once when I was playing as Nea on the new map.

  • afdani1984afdani1984 Member Posts: 4
    I'm having the same issue. It happened three times today. First time I lost no pips, the second and third I had pips taken as if I'd intentionally dc'd. ☹️
  • TallboxerTallboxer Member Posts: 1
    The only time when i have crashed is whenever i load into a game as legion with Survivor pudding
  • KaelumKaelum Member Posts: 955

    If you get a match on the new map, restart the game after the match is over. It stopped my crashes. I don’t know is the new killer or survivor have the same issue, but they could. It looks like a memory leak in the new graphics engine, which they’ll hopefully be able to fix and patch quickly. Just make sure to submit your crash reports to Sony, as they get forwarded the BHVR.

  • SlipknotNutSlipknotNut Member Posts: 3

    Happens to me every 2-3 games. Almost every time with the new map but also on other maps while playing survivor against the new killer and also a couple times on old maps against old killers. Lots of people having these issues including loss of shards, bloodpoints, levels, etc. after crashes. This is a really bad patch and a lot of people are pissed. Hopefully this gets addressed ASAP.

  • BrynlarrrBrynlarrr Member Posts: 1
    I’ve had it crash on the new map only, as a survivor. 
    5 times today it’s crashed on me. 
  • KhalednazariKhalednazari Member Posts: 1,400
    edited December 2018
    Would like to bring to the attention of the devs. Kindly take a note of these issues. Thanks. 

    @not_Queen @Patricia_BHVR @Janick
  • SyEmpireSyEmpire Member Posts: 2

    also has happened to me 4 times in the past 24 hours, all while playing survivor. It has happened at least 6 times to my friend. When it happened to me it will do the same thing on back to back matches until I fully power off and reboot my ps4. The support team replied to me saying this is an issue with ps4 and to initialize (factory reset) the ps4 - yet every person I play with is experiencing this same issue only on Dead by Daylight and only since their update yesterday. Not a PS4 issue....

  • kinglornakinglorna Member Posts: 1
    Brynlarrr said:
    I’ve had it crash on the new map only, as a survivor. 
    5 times today it’s crashed on me. 
    Same amount of times for me 4 on the new map, 1 on the preschool. 
  • JellyTotter29JellyTotter29 Member Posts: 1

    Me and another person, on separate consoles, have had same issue, several times had it crashing mid-game on the new map. Although we haven't played many games on other maps since the update, so can't say if it is the new map causing it. Haven't crashed as survivor though. Submitted sony crash report every time. Hope this gets fixed soon!

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 6,732

    @Khalednazari it is being looked into, especially the issues for PS4 and the new map. I don't have any more information than that right now, I will update when I know more.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 6,732

    This is known about and being addressed internally, I will update the thread with more information when it becomes available.

  • klog60klog60 Member Posts: 3
    MandyTalk said:

    This is known about and being addressed internally, I will update the thread with more information when it becomes available.

    I hope they remove the map until it's fixed, And I hope they compensate players for all the de-pipping that's not their fault.
  • SleepharthaSleephartha Member Posts: 242

    Im also crashing a lot more. Used to crash very rarely, maybe once every couple of weeks. Now ive crashed 3 to 4 times tonight. Various maps and killers and it costs me pips and points which is really aggravating. I hope they make it easy to get compensated for these losses.

  • KhalednazariKhalednazari Member Posts: 1,400
    edited December 2018
    Thank you @MandyTalk for acknowledgement ♥ 
    I hope this is fixed soon. 👍 
  • MorfedelMorfedel Member Posts: 194

    same, just made a post in another thread. Frustrating, as I had two survivors down (well one disconnected, but now I'm wondering if she crashed as well, or if she ragequit, now not sure), but the game was going very well for me when it crashed. For the second time.

    Very frustrating. I mean, I understand these things happen. I do know the second crash was on the new map.

    Thanks Mandy for the update.

  • MorfedelMorfedel Member Posts: 194

    I've only crashed twice, both as killer, the last was on the new map, not sure about the other. I think maybe that was too, but not sure.

  • Rumblyflunky6Rumblyflunky6 Member Posts: 1
    My game has crashed about 5 times since the new update. I was in the middle of really good matches and the game freezes and goes to the ps4 homescreen. I miss out on blood points and blood rituals I completed within the trial as well. Its annoying. 
  • tt_ivi_99tt_ivi_99 Member Posts: 1,269
    After the last update the game have been crashing a lot. I've had like 3-4 crashes in a row today, It makes It impossible to rank and gain Blood Points.
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