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I've actually been enjoying playing Survivor more than ever *shrugs*

Lately because of the 100% BP incentive and significantly faster Qeue times, I've been playing more Survivor than usual.. Solo Q almost entirely.

I've been having fun enjoying testing out new different builds trying to figure out which works best for me.

The Hatch Escape build using Low Profile and Clairvoyance that some people from the Forums helped me create was pretty fun for a while, it actually boosted me out of super low MMR so now I'm getting some better teammates in my matches finally, and was able to swap to a build that seems to have the highest escape rate for me and my team currently.

Windows of Opportunity, DH, Boon COH, Prove Thyself.

Dunno if it's the best by any means, I swap some stuff around from time to time, but with even mediocre teammates I seem to be getting a lot of Escapes with this build in Solo Q and almost every single match I am ALWAYS getting Top Score as well. I just got 4 Escapes in a row, which is a rare thing for me! haha

By no means do I consider myself a good survivor player, although I am improving since I am playing it more frequently, and I think for the FIRST time in my 5+ years of playing DBD, I finally actually think I am enjoying playing Survivor MORE than playing Killer... which has genuinely never happened before.

(On that note I will add that I dislike the Killer lobby wait times, and I have also faced many hackers recently when I play Killer so it is definitely ruining the fun, waiting 5+min for a Que to go up against cheaters is unpleasant to say the least)

Anyway, perhaps I'm enjoying Survivor more for the wrong reasons, but it's been fun and I find it hard to stop lol


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