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Chapter 11: The Unforgotten Few

alivebydeadightalivebydeadight Member Posts: 1,559
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The chapter 11 spoiler was if everything goes as planned so this is not following up on there ideas

Chapter 11:The Forgotten Few

New Map: Damaged Factory

This factory was forgotten from the start of its creation, and soon, nobody even remembered where this factory was even at, but there was only 2 people out there that knew where this place was.....

New Killer: The Broken

Lore: Anne remembered a lot of things through her time, but the one thing that she remember was the factory in her home town, she worked there for a while, all she needed to do was make some light bulbs and other utilities but soon, after her first year there when she was making a television, she herd somebody scream from the back room, she rushed back there and nobody was there, but a small blood stain on the ground, she went back to her work station and grabbed a flashlight, to bring into the room, she turned the light on the see a longer blood stain into the basement of the factory, but when she went down there she seen her boss, killing one of the workers with a blade, she looked around the room to see behind her an axe, small but she was not dealing with that, she attacked her boss but he wounded her in the process, the winner was not the boss in this fight, when she went back up she was in a rage, so she went on a spree on every worker, then left the building, but has returned.....

Ability: Power Outage

The broken made generators as the factory, no reason that she didn't know how to destroy them. When breaking a generator when it is 90% finished, the generator will no longer be able to be worked on for 5 seconds, all other generators are effected by this at the same time, and survivors working on a generator while this occurs they will have the generator will explode and have the same effect as if a skill check was failed upon the generator. With this power you will have the ability to reset both exit gate timers once per trial.

The Broken's movement speed is 115 and her weapon is a hatchet with a normal lunge and 30 meter terror radius


Hex:Shut down:
You deny survivors of what they want, and what they truly need, generators and chests. all generators have a increased completion time by 15/20/25 percent and you cannot open chests until the hex is broken. If this hex still stands and exits are powered, exit gates open time is reduced by 10%/20%30% until the hex is destroyed.

Lights out:
you prefer your targets to be under your control. When a survivor is hit they are hindered by 5%/6%/7% and aura reading is reduced by 8/10/12 meters.

Pure stealth:
When attacking using your primary weapon, the noise caused by the lunge is reduced by 25%/50%/75%.


the survivor stands up with out help and begins to walk, The Broken attacks the left leg of the survivor causing the survivor to fall, then attacks the survivors chest 3 times then hits the skull once

New Survivor: Coltan Renevard

Coltan was a worker at the factory but was fired 1 day before the incident, after getting fired he vowed that he would ruin his old bosses factory in 2 days, he went 2 days later to see blood everywhere in the place, he went to leave but upon leaving he entered a strange thick fog, then was never seen again....


When picked up you can choose during the animation for normal struggle or resistor with the secondary action button
When using resistor struggle speed is increased by 50% but you are left with the broken status effect for 160/120/80 seconds and exiting the broken effect you will enter the deep wounds status effect for 5/10/15 seconds

Hard cover:
You defended people in the factory, you can defend your friends, even if they are strangers. When your teammate is inside the chase you can see your teammates auras from anywhere across the map. When you take a hit while they are in a chase your teammate is effected by endurance for 40/45/50 seconds

Final Resort:
You will pull your self to your final breath to get through. When injured and you run by a pallet, you will be capable of using your secondary action button to preform pallet vacuum but will result in you being exhausted for 200/160/140 seconds and broken for 160/140/120 seconds

This took alot of work and Final Resort is like a reworked Dead Hard but I don't give a [BAD WORD]

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  • alivebydeadightalivebydeadight Member Posts: 1,559

    I had to change the numbers for Hard Cover due to how weak it was before in my opinion

  • Magnus13Magnus13 Member Posts: 74

    Apparently chapter 11 is going to be something big. People are theorising Baker.

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    Your Hex totem is really cool, I'm surprised they haven't done this yet because a lot of people have suggested making Gens take longer but having a totem do it is the next best thing because it does just that but can be deactivated, combine this with Thana and ooh boy.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,875

    Lights out sounds completely broken. That 7% would make killers way faster then the survivor which makes it unfair for them. Moving at 93% vs 115% is a differencce of 22%. That's basically making them far too fast. I'd personally remove that hindered effect and make the aura reading block for 24/28/32m.

  • ItsYourBoyGuzmaItsYourBoyGuzma Member Posts: 799
    edited February 2019

    ugh thought it was official info.


  • artistartist Member Posts: 1,490
  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 9,530

    @artist said:

    Yeah I know I messed up this entire chapter
    @ItsYourBoyGuzma I know I hated my chapter
    also I made this on my old account

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