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Please remove new map from ps4's rotation!

BravescorpioBravescorpio Member Posts: 94
You are aware of the problem, please stop the map until its fixed. I lose all add-ons and offerings every single time it comes up. 

I manually close the game every time to avoid another major crash. So hopefully all survivors lose all their stuff to so word get back around this map needs to go until fixed. 


  • TheCatLadyTheCatLady Member Posts: 60

    Yeah at this point we might have to burn map offerings every single game just to avoid being sent there until it's fixed, which is a shame because I really like the new map's aesthetics :/

  • klog60klog60 Member Posts: 3
    What makes it worse is that the map shows up so often in rotation. Every other game is on Ormond for me. It's ridiculous that the devs didn't test this blatant major bug before releasing it. If it's not removed I'm quitting the game for good and will tell everyone else to stay clear too.
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