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Improvements to the lobby

Hi guys,
Does anyone know if there is any improvement or change for the lobby? as for example that the group rejoint without having to go to the main menu and return to invite the companions each game?.
It would be a relief if they will adjust that problem because it is very tedious.


  • OrionsFury4789OrionsFury4789 Member Posts: 637
    Nope, they won’t even fix the medkit bug or acknowledge it for that matter even if they’re tagged in the post so it wouldn’t surprise me if they just left things the way they are with having to re invite every single time , I mean they’ve also been leading killers with all these false hopes of plans that they never follow through with for two years now. They don’t care about convenience or fun unless the money stops coming in and the reviews bomb start. The only time I’ve ever seen them give in to demands was when players went on strike or they review bombed.
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