Are the legion the most evil?



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    @TheHourMan said:
    It depends on how you define "evil." 

    Is it evil to kill for pleasure? Or is it insanity?

    My view of evil is that it is the exact reverse of unconditional love. Evil is selfless. Where the one committing the evil acts get nothing out of it, but they do it purely out of the intent to inflict misery on someone else, even at the cost of making themself miserable in the process. Self sacrifice in order to cause pain on someone else, without getting any satisfaction or pleasure in it yourself. 

    That being said: who is the most evil killer? I would argue there are multiple candidates. Spirit, Nurse, Micheal. These three don't seem to take any pleasure in killing. They do it purely out of compulsion or malice. They harm others simply for the sake of causing harm to others. Like a force of nature. Indiscriminate and driven by cold, uncaring processes.

    Spirit is a vengeful soul who kills because she was promised that she would get her vengeance. Nurse lost her mind and is forced to kill for the Entity. Michael is evil incarnate, he kills because that is all he knows what to do. Out of the three of them, the Spirit and Nurse are probably the less evil.

    The two most evil in the game would be The Shape and The clown. The Clown relishes in killing, and was even rewarded in being able to keep his horse in the Fog.

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    Who's to say the Entity doesn't torture people mentally. It could also threaten, bribe, or trick them into submission.

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    I find Myers most "evil". 

    @Jackard said:
    Other than the clown that got rewarded with Maurice the horse, are the legion the most evil killers in the game? All other killers have visible torture to convince them to work for the entity (excluding licensed killers) and yet none of the legion seem to have this.

    NOOOOOO its definitely Michael or the Clown!!

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