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Moved: Daily Rituals on PS4

AssstheticAsssthetic Member Posts: 203
edited June 2018 in Technical Issues

So I've noticed a problem about daily rituals on console (specifically PS4). It's probably not a bug, however, it is an issue that bothers me. I've noticed on the PC version, players are able to collect any daily rituals that are completed regardless of whether two or three are completed. On the console version, you aren't able to collect a specific daily if more than one is completed. You are only able to collect them all or collect none at all. You can't press the collect button (x on console) without all the daily rituals being collected. This problem bothers me because I want to save certain daily rituals for when the new content is released, but at the same time I don't want my daily rituals to stack up. Hopefully this gets looked into and eventually fixed or if theres a way to collect only one daily and not all of them.

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  • AssstheticAsssthetic Member Posts: 203
    edited June 2018

    For anyone wondering what I mean, here's a pic. You can't collect one specific daily if more than one is completed, you have to collect all of them.

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