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Giving away 8 DLCs of choice this week

ShadoureonShadoureon Member Posts: 493

Heya! I am a small streamer who currently enjoys streaming DBD and Overwatch. I am at 982 hours in DBD and decided to celebrate a 1000 hours by giving away 8 DLCs on my stream either when I hit the mark or the very next stream.

I decided to give away 2 to subscribers only.
3 by letting viewers buy tickets using my chat's currency so regular viewers have the chance to get them.
Lastly 3 more using a raffle that costs 10 points wich is obtained by simply following giving everyone including those that only show up for the give away to get a chance to a free DLC.

Any DBD DLC of choice. But I do not allow people to enter for friends. So I will check if you own the DLC or not.

Figured out I might aswell milk out some extra viewers doing the give away^^

You can find me on https://twitch.tv/shadoureon

Currency in my channel is 1 point per 5 minutes and 10 for following giving people still a chance to get 50 before the give away starts.

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