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How are maps and related Killers/Survivors handled in canon lore?

TawkuaTawkua Member Posts: 2

The question I’ve had on my mind since Freddy’s release is, are the killers bound to their maps?

In canon lore, would the survivors only encounter Michael in Haddonfield? Only encounter the Hillbilly on Coldwind?

If so, are certain survivors bound to those maps as well or are they all put through every gauntlet? Seems one way would deny the entity more energy, but the other gives survivors an edge when they are faced with a killer they know.



  • yesyes Member Posts: 208

    This would make sense, but what map would Leatherface be on?

  • DocOctoberDocOctober Member Posts: 1,295

    I would say no, they aren't. They might be their home territory as the Entity takes the opportunity to create a new Realm alongside taking in a new Killer, but they can clearly roam the other Realms too.

    The Killers aren't in their Realms in-between trials, they wait near the campfire just like the Survivors do, albeit from a distance and observing their future prey.

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