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All I want for Christmas are Cells

PhantomMask20763PhantomMask20763 Member Posts: 2,882
(To the tune of all I want for Christmas is you, sorry if it doesn't rhyme btw, I suck at making songs but I kinda tried here)

I got Dead by Daylight for Christmas
Now all I'm asking for
Is a little something extra
It's really not much more
How am I to play this game
My killers and survivors look lame
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas
Are Cells

I'm not really good at this game
All my skins are getting old
I think it's time I get an upgrade
But I dont have any shards
Why can't Santa Clown fill my stocking
With gift cards for the Steam store
The Entity won't make me happy
With a Merciless Victory
I just want skins of my own
You really just dont know
I'll look cool for you
All I want for Christmas are cells
Cells, Entity

I won't ask for perks this Christmas
I don't even want to grind
I would rather keep on giving
From all those bugged chests
I'll even show lots of mercy
To those pesky survivor picks

I won't even kill anybody
If they let me get my Barbeque stacks
I just wanna mess around
Maybe even farm for fun
What more can I do
Yeah all I want for Christmas are cells
Cells yeah

The Clowns lights are shining
So brightly on his bag
And the sound of survivors
Screaming fills the air
And everyone is screaming
I can hear those slay bells ringing
Please wont you buy a few skins for me
Just a few more that's all I swear!!!

Burn an offering for The Game
Ormonds way too cold for me
I just want to see Micheal Myers
Staring at me from afar
What more do I have to say
You know how to make my trial
I'll buy some cool skins for you
All I want for Christmas are cells, Entity
All I want for Christmas are cells, Entity
All I want for Christmas are cells, Entity


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