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How to report bugs.

ClydeClyde Administrator, Community Manager Posts: 444

Here is a message from Shelby_BHVR:

My name is Shelby and I'm a dev QA on Dead by Daylight. I'd like for all of you to take the time to read this discussion on how to report a bug. It's super simple! Information is key for us to be able to understand the issue, reproduce it on our end and to fix it.

Basically all we need from you great people is:

  1. A detailed description of what the issue is.
  2. Any reproduction steps (without these we don't know how to reproduce it to fix it)
  3. Screenshots and/or video reference. A video is especially great for any audio or graphical issues or something not being functional.

This information will greatly help us and doesn't take much time at all.

Thanks all, and see you in the fog!

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