Decisive Strike



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    I just.. Uhhh have to say something...

    Tell me one way to effectively counter decisive without the need of perks

    Umm, dribbling or let the guy in the ground and bleed out?

    Yes, because you will always have a hook right next to you and letting a survivor bleed out is fun for everyone

    But killers that plan ahead maneuver survivors during a chase towards where they want to down them aka near a hook.

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    @doggieman said:
    People who complain about DS are also the same killers that spam the hell out of the R key whenever a survivor shines a flashlight at their face. There is nothing wrong with DS and they shouldn't do anything to change it. There will always be people complaining about something.

    Yikes bud, I don't think you know the potential of DS.
    Decisive Strike can be a game changer.. If a good survivor uses DS. They can loop a killer for way too long. A chase shouldn't last more than a minute. You waste so much time chasing people as a killer and all DS does is extend that time.
    Yes it does need to be nerfed because this gets even stronger with a SWF group.
    With what you're telling me leads me to believe you haven't seen the true potential on the killer side.

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