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PC 8014 error code temp fix for me

Ok since the new update, this is whats happening to me, when game freezes(which is alot more since the update) or I leave the game for any reason, it will 8014 code error me to death when i try to reload unless.....wait for it....i switch my steam server to different location, fires right up first try and works fine till next crash or i leave, then i have to repeat the process. Is anyone else having this same exact issue or is it just me? FYI found the sweet spot for me was switching from chicago to St Louis and i float between the 2! Hope this helps some of you and no offense but i hope im not only one with this issue-Sic



  • burak1998_20burak1998_20 Member Posts: 169
    edited January 1
    Not just you have got this error i can't play since 11 days because this [BAD WORD] error code 
  • burak1998_20burak1998_20 Member Posts: 169
    I try your still but not working 
  • zORg_alexzORg_alex Member Posts: 10
    edited January 5

    Wasn't that because you launch game not through steam but directly calling .exe file? Or was it a different error?
    edit: Yeah I just checked. Launch it through steam. Don't use any shortcuts, they are bugged for now.

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