Chapter Idea: The Finale of Sin Opera

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Hello, people of the fog.
I'm here for sharing my fan-made chapter idea. And I'm lazy for brainstorm the background story for the survivor, but I want to hear what you guys think.
Also, I'm asking for the last name of the killer and the DLC chapter name, please tell me the reason. :)
Special thanks to my friend, he is the one advice me about Malice.



San Li










You are born to be a striking performer.

  • The item you drop will change to the equal rarity flashlight.
  • Lose all the add-ons when you triggered Replacement.
  • This effect can only be triggered once per match.
    ‘‘Magic!’’ ─ San Li

You are always prepared, never let mistakes participate in your show.

  • Setup a gimmick to an unused pallet with 10/8/6 seconds.
  • you can activate the gimmick within 8 meters of the pallet, force the pallet to drop down.
  • You can only set up one pallet, a new gimmick would instead of the last one.
    ‘‘It’s the time for a miracle.’’─ San Li

Dancing on the blades
Magic is like a chestnut in the fire, it is never easy, if you want it, you have to take the risk.

  • Your vaults action always made noises.
  • When you are chasing by the killer, you receive a Token every 15 seconds up to a maximum of 3/4/5 Tokens.
  • Each Token can gains 15% of the action’s total progression, you can activate to apply the progression.
  • Activate consumes all the Token.
  • Only affected to setup gimmick, healing and cleansing action.
  • You would lose all the Token when you are not in chasing phase after 20 seconds.
    ‘‘There should be applause here.’’─ San Li

Killer: The Mirage


Isabelle Renoir






The Cursed Opera Theatre (need a better name)


Garden Shears


110% | 4.4m/s

Alt. Speed:

100% | 4m/s (disguising)

Terror Radius:

20 meters (Mirage sings opera when she is not in a chase.)




Isabelle was a popular actress of an opera theatre, everyone attracted to the opera theatre by her reputation as a talented actress.

But good fortune won’t last forever. Her talents not just brought fame and money to her, and something that she never expected - the darkness of human nature.

She was tied with iron thorns from head to legs. Somebody was jealous of her shinny telling eyes, so she lost her eyes. Her charming is voice, so her throat was cut by big scissors. And she is a perfect dancer, they broke one of her legs. This wasn’t the cruelest thing. The murderers forced her to watch how they did to her by a big silver mirror.

Isabelle’s soul attached to the mirror at the end, and she watched the murderer take over everything which belongs to her as a stage prop. Day by day that she couldn’t count, her resentment is bigger and bigger. And now, she is ready to revenge.


Dimension interference
Mirage allows to summon the mimic of herself while chasing phase, the mimic will spawn within 6 - 8 meters of the survivor randomly. Mirage can teleport to the mimic position, all mimic would vanish after a teleport. 3 charges, can summon more than 1 mimic.

  • Mimic does not have physical volume, red light and terror radius.
  • Mimic would collapse while survivor passes through.
  • Mimic can last 10 seconds.
  • 25 seconds cooldown for 1 charge.
  • Mimic only spawn the place which can see survivor directly. (Mimic is not gonna spawn behind the wall.)

Mirage can mirror a random survivor's appearance to disguise. Mirage cannot attack while disguising but allow to dimensional leap for positioning, Mirage cannot attack before leap fatigue.

  • Dimensional leap can cast for 2 second base on Mirage's speed, the body will stay while leaping.
  • Mirage's disguising body will change back to her appearance, and the body will position to the leaping location.
  • Every 2 seconds leaping phase cause leap fatigue for 1 second after leaping. Included add-on.


You can reflect the desires of the hypocrite, the darker they are, the crueler you are.

  • When a Survivor rescues another from a Hook at least 32 meters away from you, the rescuer’s aura is revealed to you and your speed to rescuer increased 3% for 6/7/8 seconds.
    ‘‘Geez! I can feel her desires! She wants me!’’

Hex: The Envy
Your purpose is to take back all your belongings, no matter whatever it takes. Your wills are affected everyone around you, attracting them to go after you.

  • Missed Skill Checks trigger a new Skill Check with no skill check warning immediately when repairing, healing or sabotaging.
  • Great Skill Checks cannot be performed while Hex: The Envy is activated.
    ‘‘She is gonna take everything from me! Oh no!’’

You experienced the darkness deeply, so you decided to abandon all your goodwill.

  • Bloodlust trigger time decrease 2/3/4 seconds.
  • Breaking pallet does not lose bloodlust. This effect can only be triggered once every 60 seconds.
    ‘‘This lady is such a devil, I’m telling you.’’


1. Decrease the range of mimic spawn within the survivor.
2. Mimic last longer.
3. Increase mimic maximum charge amount.
4. Decrease the cooldown of mimic charge.

1. Allows Mirage to reveal her disguise by 1.5 seconds instead of leap only.
2. Decrease the range of mimic spawn within the survivor.
3. Mimic last longer.
4. Increase mimic maximum charge amount.
5. Decrease the cooldown of mimic charge.

1. Increase mimic maximum charge amount.
2. Decrease the cooldown of mimic charge.
3. Increase the leaping time.
4. Mimic no longer collapse by leap or survivor pass through. (which means Mirage can leap several times)

Very Rare
1. Increase the leaping time.
2. No longer to leap. Each mimic grants 2% movement speed.
3. Mimic would run into the close survivor now. (Mimic does not pass through the walk)
4. Auto-spawn Mimic in chasing phase every 3 seconds. Lost all the mimic charge.

Ultra Rare
1. Mimic allow to attack survivor within 1 meter but invalid to the injured survivor.
2. Summon Mimic would gain an extra Mimic on Mirage location now.

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    Nice one , I like the killer perks , would be easier to counter jungle gym infinite

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    @memeow_ said:
    Nice one , I like the killer perks , would be easier to counter jungle gym infinite

    thanks, any suggestion about balances?

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