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Killer coop mode for swf and casual/competitive modes

mudbloodwolfiemudbloodwolfie Member Posts: 36
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 A new mode in which two killers versus 8+ survivors. Of course if would need some reworking like bigger maps, more totems, more gens, etc. To be able to have someone to work with to kill survivors would be AMAZING and to make it even better, survive with friends could be in this mode which would remove the skill gap of a group of friends on comms working against a single person. There could be a coop killers mode and even a versus killers mode for more kills than the other. 

On another note, a mode similar to Friday the 13th’s would be nice, even if just for kill your friends mode. Lobbies could consist of 5 players who enter and select their preferred survivor and killer with associated items and offerings and then a random is selected to be the killer. Could even have a spawn preference. This could be a casual-play mode while normal mode is for ranking competitively. Of course there would have to be rank rewards for people to give incentice for people to play competitively though. 

Dont forget if you like these ideas, vote up!
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  • mudbloodwolfiemudbloodwolfie Member Posts: 36
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    That or what if you didnt rank up in swf mode? Still earned bloodpoints and exp towards level but no pips. Seems fair when it requires a lot less skill..
    I mean, I like my original idea of swf mode being coop killers mode but no responses here..
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    Due to the current dispute between players of dbd over social media and streaming services, there have been some serious issues brought to light on problems people have with the game. People are deranking for better queues, to get away from “sweaty/try hard” killers, etc while others want your rank to represent your skill level accurately. If you agree with either side, competitive and casual plays mode can fix it.
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  • mudbloodwolfiemudbloodwolfie Member Posts: 36
    The point was made that this would divide the current community and the playerbase isnt big enough for that to which i want to counter that they are discussing more modes that will do so regardless.
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