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Piggy and Mike add-on ideas

AlphaJacksonAlphaJackson Member Posts: 490
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Well, like the title suggests I had a few add-on ideas for piggy and mike

First things first, I'm kinda a piggy main, so why not start with my ideas for some piggy add-ons; just to note I'm pretty sure the first three are inspired by user Nickenzie, and a post he made a while ago, can't quite remember, but anyhow.
(Also appologies in advance if this thread has a poor layout.)

Insert fancy name here (I'm thinking maybe 2 gallon jug):
Rarity: Uncommon
Effect: Key for RBT can only be found in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, (5th) Jigsaw Box. After removing RBT survivors suffer slightly from the hemorrage debuff.

3 gallon jug:
Rarity: Rare
Effect: Key for RBT can only be found in the 3rd, 4th, (5th) Jigsaw Box. After removing RBT survivors suffer moderately from the hemorrage debuff.

5 gallon Jug:
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Effect: Key for RBT can only be found in the 4th, (5th) Jigsaw Box. After removing the RBT survivors suffer tremendously from the hemorrage debuff.

I thought these add-ons would be pretty cool, as they'd at the first two raritys would be better at slowing the game down, and leave the boxs less to chance, while the UR would make the RBT an actual threat to the survivors. And for those of you who read the names, I'm sure you'll know where I got thag idea from providing you're a real piggy main ;)

Another add-on idea I had was the following:

Light Sedative Needle:
Rarity: Uncommon
Effect: After hitting a survivor with ambush, the target suffers from the blindness debuff and slightly from the hindere debuff for 30 seconds, trumps all aura abilitys.

Moderate Sedative Needle
Rarity: Rare
Effect: After hitting a survivor with ambush, the target suffers from the blindness debuff and moderately from the hindered debuff for 60 seconds, trumps all aura abilitys.

Heavy Sedative Needle
Rarity: Very Rare
Effect: After hitting a survivor with ambush, the target suffers from the blindness debuff and heavily from the hindered and exhausted debuff for 90 seconds, trumps all aura abilitys.

Johns Sedative:
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Effect: Survivors hit by the ambush are instantly put in dying state, however survivors who already have an RBT will be unable to see the aura of Jigsaw Boxes.

That about settles my ideas for Amanda, and I'd love to know what y'all think. I just think that Amanda needs some love with here add-ons, with argueably here strongest add-on being a common, and one UR beign trash, the other a gimmick at best. I'd like to see these for some more comp' play.

Moving on however, next up is Daddy Myers. I know that some people may think that myers is great as is, so do I! I just think there's a little room for improvement. Only this time I have absolutely no idea what to call the add-ons, so I'm just going to say something random.

Fresh Mirror
Rarity: Rare
Effect: Extends Myers stalk range by 20meters.

Fixed Window
Rairty: Very Rare
Effect: Extends Myers stalk range by 40meters.

Spent Candle:
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Effect: Adds 3.25 seconds of Evil to all survivors, any survivor that disconects will spread remaining Evil to the remaining survivors equally.

So there they are, the idea's I've had for some new add-ons that I think would be pretty cool to be added to the game! Please, tell me what you think of them,

Edit: change title after post moved to proper section.

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  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 1,734

    2 Gallon and 3 Gallon Jug are interesting, but 5 Gallon might be excessive. Throw a Tampered Timer or a Crate of Gears on them, and I don't think you would have to spend a terribly long time defending the last box to force the trap to go off. (I'd also reword them as "Survivors caught in a Reverse Bear Trap must search at least X boxes to remove it." with X being 2 for the 2, 3 , and 4 for the respective jugs.). I'd be cool with having the 2 and 3 Gallon Jugs and maybe bumping the 3 Gallon Jug up a rarity.

    As for the Sedative Needles, I know that the Ambush really struggles at being terribly effective outside of very specific points, but I worry anything beyond the Light Sedative Needle would make the Ambush too good at sneaking up on people at gens (or Hooks?). Like, consider that the Clown's gas only hinders them while in the cloud and two seconds after leaving it (even with the Flask of Bleach), the Huntress is only 110% speed, and the Waterlogged Shoe only hinders as long as someone is standing by the mud marks (and the Hag with the Waterlogged Shoe still isn't at 115% speed), having a full minute+ of chasing someone who is slowed down a fair bit at normal killer speed seems impossible for the Survivor to get out of. I worry even 30 seconds of just slight Hindered would be too lopsided against the Survivor. Also, I don't think permanently shutting off the Jigsaw Box auras for Survivors should be done without some trade-offs.

    I don't have much of an opinion on the Myers add-ons, but it seems SUPER weird to directly reference disconnecting on an add-on, perk, etc. and intentionally incorporate it into a game mechanic somehow.

  • AlphaJacksonAlphaJackson Member Posts: 490

    @TAG thanks for the response, I was thinking after I had made that post that perhaps the 5 Gallon Jug would be pretty powerful to put it lightly, however I was in the mindset of making the RBT an ability that can kill, however now with a second opinion on it I can see why it would be too strong, as with your point on the sedative needles, I never considred comparing it to the other killers in terms of preformance, but hey a first draft is a first draft. I'm sure I could think of something to help balance out the add-ons. If you have any suggestions I'm all ears.

    For the Mike add-on that refers to the redistrobution of Evil, I was refering to that fact that the same happens with Mikes ability regardless, that any DC'd survivor has their Evil spread to other survivors, perhaps I should have put that part in brackets :P

    Anyway, thanks again for the input, I'm sure I will come up with some just as potent but no op ways of balancing out the add-ons and not making them as worthless as Workshop Grease.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 502
    As someone who has played The Pig since she was added to the game I can agree some of her add-ons are pretty useless. I don't think her ultra rares are even worth talking about.

    The problem with the Reverse Bear Trap is that a key is chosen once a trap is placed on a survivor. So there's no way of knowing what the 4th or 5th Jigsaw Box is.

    Think the dash attack add-ons may be a bit strong because of the hindred status. I'd like the ultra rares to be changed to something like:

    Ultra Rare #1
    1 extra Jigsaw Box
    1 extra Reverse Bear Trap
    Slightly decreased time for searching Jigsaw Boxes

    Ultra Rare #2
    Auras of Jigsaw Boxes are never shown to the survivor
    See survivors auras within 12 metres when crouched

    It would mean that when your facing a Pig you would need to remember where the boxes are at when your running around.
  • Mrrgle_the_MediocreMrrgle_the_Mediocre Member Posts: 332

    Tbh the second effect of Spent Candle should just be an innate QoL change for Michael, the whole disconnecting thing.

  • AlphaJacksonAlphaJackson Member Posts: 490

    @Mrrgle_the_Mediocre said:
    Tbh the second effect of Spent Candle should just be an innate QoL change for Michael, the whole disconnecting thing.

    It alread is I believe.

  • PapaAndreiPapaAndrei Member Posts: 72
    I feel instead of addig time and strength to the sedatives, they should instead add new effects. Tier 1: they are blinded. Tier 2: Blinded and Exhausted. Tier 3: Blinded, Exhausted, and Hindered (2% ms reduction) Tier 4: Instant down and blind
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