Game Breaking Bug for Both Sides

ShroompyShroompy Member Posts: 60

Alright so I've had this bug happen quite frequently for me.. I don't know if its an issue on my side, or if its the game. How ever this only started happening once the new engine rolled out.

Survivor Side

When playing survivor, sometimes I get this frustrating bug of the killer, or a survivor randomly turn invisible. Sometimes even both. I'm able to hear the killers terror radius and see his red glow. But I have no visual of them. When this happens as well I usually can't:

  • Vault Pallets or Windows.
  • Throw Down Pallets
  • Attempt Escape on a Hook
  • Unhook others
  • Heal Others
  • Cleanse Totems
  • Search Chests

Killer Side

When this happens I just let the survivors escape because it ain't fair for them. I can just walk threw Pallets and Windows like they were never there. I've only had this happen twice. The first time I was Huntress on Gas Heaven, and the second time I was Trapper on Pale Rose.

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