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Survivors Passive Skill

Paizaza23757Paizaza23757 Member Posts: 8

[So this my first Idea for gameplay it's may some trash and look stupid]

Nowadays some DLC killers might be "P2W".
and many survivors have Perks to counter that, But look likes Broken now. For example, at before "exhaustion nerf", Quentin, is almost useless at his perks such as Wake up and Pharmacy (Who gonna open their chest to pick Med-kit when Self-Care can heal without Med-Kit) but Vigil can recovery exhaustion status faster while you getting chased. But now it's completed useless when you running just stop to move or walking or maybe you already down to put Recovery Exhaustion.

Every Perk Made to share with other survivors or killers that call "Teachable Peak"

Then? DLC that you bought or Buying in store in the game for have their perks and 'abandon' them.
It's worth to buy? (Killer is doesn't count)

No. If you want just buy on "Shrine of Secrets" for 2000 shades

But now I am going to tell you with "Survivors Passive Skill"
It is may survivors have their skill to make them survive for long or short and might be the same when both roles are same
and that can happen with their 'Background'

It's the effect a lot they do something and something gives an advantage to them or Disadvantage too.
For example.

Ace Visconti (for an easy example)
a lucky Gambler, improving the odds of the entire team.
His personal Perks, Open-Handed, Up The Ante & Ace In The Hole, boost the Luck of all Survivors and help with Chest searches.

He is one lucky bastard or at the very least he believes he is. Therefore, he's always ready to make a gamble. Often, he's right.

Ace is a lucky person and believes himself he must survive with his own, that is "Luck"
-When you find an item in the chest, will appear skill check to select the item that you want, how rare it is, And how many the chance to get them. (For Example, I want a flashlight. a skill check has randomly appeared Flashlight, Toolbox, Med-Kit, Map, and The Key. I press Flashlight trigger and Appear colors Yellow, Green, and Purple. I triggered at Green and Finally, it appears with Perfect 5 Skill check trigger with Largest to Smallest, I trigger at Smallest, Finally, Ace will pick "Green Flashlight")
-Every Skill check may improve progress for every action (Repair Gen, Healing, etc.)

[Now he seems "pretty good OP so far". But some Skill will counter that. Trust me, it's tragedy LOL]
In his lucky must require "UNLUCKY"
-Every Skill check that triggered make next Skill check is going to smaller and getting harder to trigger them and sound that Warning before skill check is getting shorter if you missed it's will regression penalty from 3%-10%
-On-hook Ace will make other survivors have an increased chance of triggering Skill Checks and Triggered Skill Checks' success zones are reduced and getting smaller when triggered them. And if they missed it's will regression penalty from 3%-10% too.
-When Other Survivor on the hook, Ace will receive an affect that which causes the following :
*Good Skill Checks result in 2 % regression on the Generator, Healing, Sabotage, etc.
*Great Skill Checks grant 0 % bonus progression on the Generator, Healing, Sabotage, etc.

Now he seems op? (Still op :p)
And for my main survivor "Quentin" lol.

Quentin Smith
a resolute Dreamwalker, increasing the survivability and recovery of his team.
His personal Perks, Pharmacy, Vigil & Wake Up!, help Survivors located Exit Gates and recover more easily.

His Perks focus on survival and helping others - providing a kind of support in this nightmare.

Quentin is a person who has a focus on survival and tries learns harder even strange way.
-He has Recovery 25% faster from any status (Can be Stacks).
-Healing 16% faster and can share within 8 meters.
-On-hook or Trap Quentin find way out to attempt to unhook himself, He gains more attempt 4 times and increases the chance to unhook and escaping the trap.

By the way, Quentin is a normal person too. he can be tried, and need to rest.
-His vision is Dim than other people.
-Sometimes he will bore to do the same action for long times. While repair Generator he will get Dimmer and chance of triggering Skill Checks will reduce. Finally, He will enter Dream Transition and pulled in Dream World.

In Dream World, Quentin can do something easier than the other, which is "Lucid dream"
-He has Recovery 40% faster from any status (Can be Stacks).

And this is my idea.
You guys can vote up this discussion or write any comment
It just Idea, Devs might don't read this and put this in the new patch.


  • TrueKn1ghtmar3TrueKn1ghtmar3 Member Posts: 434
    I take it english isn't your first language?
  • Paizaza23757Paizaza23757 Member Posts: 8

    Nope, I'm not good at English. I use Grammarly to help this.

  • TrueKn1ghtmar3TrueKn1ghtmar3 Member Posts: 434

    Nope, I'm not good at English. I use Grammarly to help this.

    It really shows
  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 1,611
    Pharmacy is superior to Self Care though. :/
  • Mrrgle_the_MediocreMrrgle_the_Mediocre Member Posts: 332

    I don't know dude, I like the freedom of picking any Survivor I want. I don't want it to be the same deal as killers in Rank 1 in which you only see Nurses and Billys. Unless the abilities are extremely weak and balanced so carefully, it would cause too much of a split and too much of one Survivor imo.

  • SolarFoxVBSolarFoxVB Member Posts: 61

    I like this idea, but it would require a lot of thought and make balancing more difficult

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