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Remove Leatherface



  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 512

    @CashelP14 said:
    He is the single worst killer in this whole game. He encourages camping and tunnelling.

    I looped him for 5 full generators and he tunnelled me the whole time yet once I'm hooked I may as well kill myself. He just stands with his chainsaw and you can't be saved. Insidious makes him even stronger and don't even talk about the basement.

    Either fix camping in this game or remove him because that combo is broken and isn't fun to play against

    I do not camp with Leatherface and in fact, I am not really into camping with a Killer much. Also, in order for a Killer to be very effective is by Hooking one Survivor and going after the others. Moreover, the only times I would with a Killer is if the Survivor is being a massive troll.

    Trust me I didn't troll him. I don't camp to respect survivors, and don't troll.
  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 10,865

    So are you gonna personally refund everyone who bought the DLC or not? My Steam wallet is still empty.

  • Teddyripper34Teddyripper34 Member Posts: 5
    Does this really happen? Leatherface was my first III50 character and I despise camping and tunneling. The only time I "tunnel" is when I smack someone down who's been hooked just so they can't do anything without actually hooking them while searching for other survivors. 
  • DeeboDeebo Member Posts: 15

    @CashelP14 said:
    Leatherfaces don't care about that. They only care about killing 1 survivor who annoyed them. Camping is annoying but there is counters to it as survivor. However there is no counter to a leatherface with a chainsaw camping a hook.

    He is designed for camping and should be removed or camping must be fixed.

    Just fix gens. Spread the word. The more campers out there that get 1K rounds, because they camped, and no survivors came rushing in for the savecrifice, the less camping you'll see.

    It doesn't help when some survivors are literally hugging the killer as you're getting hooked. Of course he'll camp. I would too.

  • BeverlyBeverly Member Posts: 179

    There was a forum post exactly like this awhile ago asking to remove Laurie because the people who play her act toxic, lol. Like others have said, hate the player and not the character. Besides, you should be really proud of yourself if you decoyed the entire game and your team got out because of it.

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