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Slugging and Hatch mechanic



  • GraviteaUKGraviteaUK Member Posts: 271

    The hatch mechanic is the biggest pile of crap in the game.

    The goal of the killer is to prevent gens being completed, the gates opened, and the survivors escaping.

    The goal of the survivors complete the gens, open the gates and get out.

    Right now all that is required is less than 50% of that goal for the last guy to get a free way out.

    "But what if i have bad teammates" well now this is where the plot thickens, if this game is supposed to be a team game, your team lost you take the loss even with randoms it's how every game works, you don't get a free win if you're team didn't perform.

    "It's not a team game" ok remove SWF.

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