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I'm bored, here's a killer idea lmao

NoodleLegsNoodleLegs Member Posts: 323
So I just realized there isn't any mother killers, Anna not included because she didn't give birth. I think what would be cool is a mother whose child had died in a tragic accident, like on a highway or even a city block with an alley (which would make very unique maps), so she makes it her life mission to hunt down and kill the person who killed her baby. Kinda like a Rin situation, where her rage is much stronger than Rin father's dispair.

The survivor could be an old family friend or the person who called the police originally, so the mother could be mad at the person because they didn't save her child. Her killer name should be The Mother, lame or not, it is what she is. 

I'm overly exhausted for some reason so... yeah? Thoughts?


  • NoodleLegsNoodleLegs Member Posts: 323
    I got bored... Again, so here's some ideas. The power is empty bc I don't know what to do for it or what it's even named. As always, criticism is welcome


    The Mother



    Catherine Owens had a wonderful husband and a beautiful child, Sebastian. She loved and cared for him, even when her husband died of sickness.

    When Sebastian was 14, he was pinned into a alleyway, his mother in their apartment where she sent him to take the trash out. Catherine quickly came down when she heard a blood-curdling scream.

    There he was, her sunshine and her happiness. Ripped away from her. A man was calling the police.

    Catherine couldn't feel anything more. First her husband, now her child? The world seemed to hate her.

    She was numb as tears streamed down her face. The authorities came and asked her questions, letting her go after.

    Weeks later was a sale to sell Sebastian's things. His clothes, shoes, and more. She hung onto a lot of things, like the globe he begged for when his father died or the snowglobe that was made specially for him. She couldn't let go.

    The sale went on and Catherine was numb, snapping at the customers, until it all became too much.

    Her life was barely there. She decided to end it. Catherine couldn't handle her life anymore. However, her brother noticed her odd behavior and went to talk to her about it.

    Catherine answered the door when it was knocked upon with a knife. She needed something. Anything. Her brother's blood on her hands made her snap even more, to the point she killed mothers, fathers, but never the children.

    Then, the killings stopped.





    Grief Beyond Repair- The thought of losing your victim causes you into a deep sadness. Earn tokens up to 2/3/4 for spotting survivors and use them to cause a generator regression of 12%/24%/36%.

    "This is my fault this happened to you, love. I'm so sorry." - Catherine Owens

    Mother Knows Best- For each generator broken, cause each survivor within 8/12/24 meters to go into the exposed status effect for 8/15/20 seconds.

    "You think you can just leave me like that?" - Catherine Owens

    Hex: Motherly Instincts- Recieve a notification when an injured survivor is within 8/12/24 meters of you.

    "Are you injured? Here's a bandaid, love." - Catherine Owens

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