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Fan-Made Chapter: Burning desire.

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Killer,  Aidan MacDougall (the flame)

Life is hard being an Irish immigrant, the great potato famine, forcing thousands to a country that wouldn't welcome them. Most of the younger men moved to lives of crime in the mafia which only worked to kindle the growing fire in NY, the rage that boiled for the irish. Aidan wasn't like the younger lads, he knew what was right, he got it from the book his ma read to him every night and twice on Wednesdays and Sundays. He had to work hard and provide for his family in an unwelcoming city. It was hard work but he eventually got a factory job, mealting metal. The heat he was forced to endure every day was one thing but his boss NY born and raised had little respect for anyone from over seas. One day his boss went off on one of his benders and started attacking the Irish employees with a slapper (it is a handled object with a paddle type head used for working larger areas of metal), when if finally came Aidan's turn the boss had to climed all the way to the top of the factory (Aidan always had a nack for calling his fits and getting out of the way). The boss finally made it to him slapper in hand and swung at Aidan, he dodged out of the way grabbing the slapper on the way up. It soon became a stand off Aidan and his boss each vying for control of the object Aidan finally winning control struck the man in the head causing him go fall over the railing into one of the mass metal vats. Aidan quickly tore out of the factory sprinting home, he would never make it and not a trace has been seen of him since.

Forster's fate.
You have 5 chunks of molten metal, kicking a generator refills this number.
As an active ability you can "lob" a chunk of molten metal, upon impact this causes an AOE that can break pallets, and injure survivors (you can not move while aiming the chunk). survivors struck by the chunk (or its aoe) suffer from hindered until they perform an action to remove all chunks of metal still attached.

As a passive ability you have a 10% resistance to blinding, and sounds from generators and exits are 25% louder.

Worn hammer: allows you to move at 50% base speed while aiming, slightly reduces the aoe of the lobbed metal.
Old furnace: increases the amount of chunks you can carry by 1.
Iron chunk: slightly increases the aoe, decrease the amount of chunks you carry by 1.
Torn glove: slightly increase the distance in which you can throw a lob, but slightly decrease the aoe.
Old Hammer: allows you to move at 60% base movement speed while aiming, but moderately decrease AOE.
Small Furnace: increase the amount of lobs you can carry by 2.
Silver chunk: moderately increase the aoe but decrease the number of lobs you carry by 2
Heat resistant gloves: moderately increase the distance at which you can throw a lob. But moderately decrease the aoe.
Mild steel: takes slightly longer for survivors to remove the lob, but slightly decrease the distance in which you can throw it.
New Hammer: allows you to move at 70% base movement speed while aiming, but considerably reduces the AOE
Big Furnace: increase the amount of lobs you can carry by 3.
Golden chunk: considerably increase the AOE, but reduce the number of lobs you can carry by 3.
Forge Masters gloves: considerably increase the distance at which you can throw a lob, but considerably reduces the AOE.
Carbon steel: moderately increase the time it takes to remove the lob, but moderately reduce the distance in which you can throw it.
Stainless steel: considerably increase the time to remove remove the lob, but considerably reduce the distance to throw it.
Forge master's hammer: allows you to move at 80% base speed while aiming, but moderately reduce both the distance and aoe of the lob.
Spiked metal: lobs do not have an AOE but they do also cause hemorrhage.
Generator blueprints: damaging generators automatically sets it back 10% of its current progress, the last generator kicked will glow yellow for 5s upon being worked on.
Molten mercury: survivors cannot remove the chunks themselves, chunks completely fall off after 60s, survivors are no longer hindered but suffer from the exposed status effect and periodically coughs for the duration.

Speed- 115

Weapon- forster's slapper


Hex: Counter Culture- for each generator currently regressing you gain a token for this perk (max 3) 
Per token gain 6/12/18% movement speed,
And 10/14/18% action speed

Close Quarters- make survivors pay for trying to close the gap between you and them. Survivors within 10m of you have their aura revealed to you.

Luck of the Irish- if a survivor fails a skill check within 20/30/40m of you your tr drops to zero and you lose your red stain (until a short timer runs out or you hit a survivor)

SURVIVOR: Angelica Ryder.

BACKSTORY: Sure, life is tough in NY, especially if you deliver mail all day. Muggings and shootings are all to common to see, 10th generation postal, Angelica was tought the ins and outs how to never get caught on a tough and unyielding street. She was all but 18 that day she came across him a deranged man with what looked like a massive metal paddle. Next thing she knew she was running down every back street she knew trying to get away, even in mid day the fog was growing thicker and thicker eventually causing her to lose way. She was never seen again.


This way- you increase your chances of becoming the obsession.
• if you are the obsession you gain 2/4/6% increase to movement speed per survivor in 20m range and those survivors gain a single bonus of 2/4/6%
• if not obsession you gain 1/2/3% increase to movement speed per survivor within 15m range, those survivors gain a 1/2/3% increase to movement speed

Package Tracker - increase your chances of becoming the obsession.
•if you are the obsession: while the killer is transporting a survivor your auras are revealed to each other, during this time your vaulting, unhooking, and healing speeds are increased by 5%/10%/15%
•if not the obsession yours and the killers auras are revealed periodically to each other for 5s while the killer is transporting a body, during which you gain a 2/4/8% boost to the speeds of the before mentioned actions.

Postal route- upon your first time opening a chest 20/25/30% chance of obtaining a map(of random quality and addons), increase map efficiency and aura reading distances, the map can track black locks and exits.
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     8-) Awesome job. Made me think of a killer perk
  • TrueKn1ghtmar3TrueKn1ghtmar3 Member Posts: 434
    Update: added 5/6 perk concept designs
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  • Mrrgle_the_MediocreMrrgle_the_Mediocre Member Posts: 332

    Oh man Close Quarters seems unfun. It just further discourages stealth, an already weaker form of playing with survivors. We're trying to shift things away from looping a little, not make it happen more.

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    Being Irish myself, the fact that the lore is pretty spot on, is really cool. Your drawings and chapters are really professional and sound like they could be in the game. Good job bro.
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