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Killer: The Silencer

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Who are you? A tought question, isn't it? You have to go back in your memory, when you where a child, do you remember? Yes, your mother loved you so much, she understood you, the doctors told her that you would never be normal, like everybody, but she didn't mind, she always spoke low for you, whispers of love, always carefull eating so the fork dont touch the plate and make that SCREECHING NOISE, so you wouldn't cry, she was up all night, with both her hands in your ears, when the fireworks made the night colorful and ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. But you had to leave her, don't you? Yes, you loved her, poor little you, but she made noise, her breath, her pulse, you could hear it, and you couldn't bear it no longer, but you tried, you tried so much, even buying big earphones so you wouldn't ear it, right? But it still made noise, some noise, what was that? That ANNOYING AND IRRITATING NOISE coming from her? Isolated, yes, your only chance to be relaxed, in peace, and she accepted it, she left you be, always leaving breakfast, lunch and dinner at your doorstep of your room, in the basement, some times you even SUFFERED THAT NOISE so you could go out and hug her, and she smiled, kissed you in the cheeks and whispered "I love you", so soft that you can almost tolerate it.

And then, that cat.

Why that cat came to your house? Not mattered, the cat was there, in your house, behind the door of the basement, meowing... constantly... seconds?...minutes?...hours?...days?... THAT CAT NEVER STOPPED, WHY?! WHY THE HELL THAT CAT NEVER STOPPED MAKING NOISE?! So you had to do something, no tears, no, you where a big boy now, you had to face it, not like a boy, crying for the help of mom, no, like a man, like the big strong man that you are! So you went out and simply kicked it, the cat fell in silence, runned away to the living room, behind the couch, but not more meow meow meow... so, if it fell in silence... WHY THE [BAD WORD] IT STILL MADE SO MUCH [BAD WORD] NOISE?!. You entered in rage, cought it, and tore its head from the rest of his body, and then, silence... beutiful silence, you put it on a thrash bag, of course, you are a good man, your mother told you, you have to clean, thats why you always cleaned all of the basement, your mother told you that you had to be smart, and thats why you read so much, with so many books, down there, in your room, words in complete silence, what not to love? Your mother told you that you had to exercise, or you would become sick and weak, and that meant to go out, to the hospital, to the noise, NO MORE NOISE, so you exercised, every day, many hours, so many hours, some of the weights made noise, but you learned how to stop it, and you where happy, and strong, and quiet. So, back to the cat, you where a clean man, as she said, so you went out to put it in the thrash, just a moment, you where a grown up man, dont you? Of course you were! So you went out, kids playing? A LOT OF NOISE but you had your earphones on, so not so much, just that HORRIBLE NOISE THAT EVERYTHING DOES EVEN WHEN EARPHONES but a man has to endure, so you did, and put it on the thrash, and a ball hit your head, and the earphones broke... and they SCREAMED SORRY, and then... well, the noise had to end, the cat noise ended, theirs too...

You silenced 12, 4 kids, 6 man, 2 women, some SCREAMED VERY LOUD but the silence after it was relaxating, until someone cried, or screamed, or just... kept making the noise that all do, what was that noise? Maybe life, their life, when they died the noise ended, so maybe it was life, no more life, no more noise, just quietness.

But you loved your mom, didn't you? You didn't want to put her in trouble, killing people was putting her in problems, so you waited in your home, she came back, she hugged you and you strangled her, she cried, you cried, it was a goodbye, but a grown up man had to go, and your mother wouldn't be in troubles, and wouldn't make more noise, but you said it, you had to, it was a goodbye forever, so you kissed her forehead and said "I love you", your last words since then, right? It was noise, your noise, but she was your mother, she deserved some words.

Then you ran, but where? To the forest, and then... you didn't know, everything MADE SO MUCH NOISE, but not as much noise as life, so you wanted to go somewhere without noise... But what was that? You heard something... noise? No, it wasn't noise, it was... relaxing, a whisper, a whisper without voice, without noise, so you followed it.

Now you are here, in this realm of quietness, with that voiceless whisper, whit the fog, peace, quietness... Your new home, but in your new home were some people, making noise, MAKING YOU ANGRY, but the whispers, yes, the whispers love you, as your mother, talking to you with care, they are thrash, making noise, and you are a clean man, the whispers told you, you have to get rid of them, after that, quietness...

So, to the first question, who are you? Axel Blockwood? No, nobody call you that, not anymore, what do they call you? The whispers said that you had to silence them, that it was your job, as a grown up man.

You are the Silencer, and the noise must stop.


The Silencer is a big man, muscular, with long black hair obscuring his face and 3 days beard, just letting some frenzied and savage features to be seen as he moves, he is angry for all that noise that the survivors do, their life is his torment, he would bring quietness. I didn't think of his clothes, maybe a sleeveless black shirt and grey jeans with boots, or something. He would hit with his fists -But why would he made the survivors bleed then?- I don't know, but Hillbilly and Leatherface dont have that problem hitting with a hammer, but if its that important to hit with something... Spiked brass knucles? Whatever, I would prefer his fist, so, that would be, a hulking mass of rage that hit you with his fist so strong that break something on you and make you bleed (It's not like DBD killers aren't supernatural, so super strenght isn't strange). With which fist hit you is random unless he is carrying someone (but that don't actually affect anything).


Unique: SILENCE THE NOISE: This power needs to be charged (3 charges max) by hearing noises, what are noises? Everything that its an audio cue about what the survivors do, scare the crows? Noise. Fail to repair a generator? Noise, break a totem with a curse? Noise. Fully repair a generator? Noise. It needs two noises to get a charge, and what this power do vary with the numer of charges that it has when its used, with 1 charge its a fast dash forward that hit the first thing it encounters, breaking it if its a wooden beam, faster (and shorter) than hillbilly but you can only go forward and to look to other way you have to stop, however, the charge is used even if you don't hit someone. With 2 charges it makes the dash, but upon finishing you enter a rage state for 10 seconds (its a two seconds animation where you clench both fist with rage and the peripherical vision turns red), during this time your attacks dont have cooldown and move a bit faster (just a bit, the survivor needs an escape opportunity after all, even if smaller than normal, like 4.4 to 4.6 or something like that), if all 3 charges are consumed the hit of the dash put down the survivor if it hit any, also its a bit longer, after that, the rage last 15 seconds.

Something to note, the killer can scare the crows, but they wont make any noise, so that means that they will fly away, and survivors can see them if they look, but wont make an audio cue. Also, putting someone on a hook gives half a charge (they scream pretty loud when they are hooked) but hitting them don't (Not loud enough).

TOO LOUD: Some sounds of the survivors are louder, their footsteps, jumping a window, repairing a generator, moanings of pain, etc... Every other sound stay the same. The sounds are a 20/40/60% louder.
_"It's like he can hear the blood flowing through my veins"
SHUT IT UP: Hitting the generator with rage make it quiet faster. Regresion of a generator is a 15/20/25% faster.
_"I've seen many monstrosities here, but none of them were as angry with the generators"
**Curse: Quiet terror: **The presence of the killer generates terror in every survivor in the map even if the killer isn't close, so they always hear the terror radius (Well, I don't know how to represent it, so... every level of this skill is like a louder terror radius, so it's harder to identify by the sound if the killer is close or not just by the audio)
_"It's here! I know! I can sense his presence, his wrath!"_


So, what I wanted to do here is a killer who plays with the sounds, an important feature in DBD for me that I think it's not used enough, this will make players be careful as with the Trapper, but not looking at the floor so they don't step in their death, with this they will be careful with making noise, walking close to crows? Well, he will know where are you, and you will give him half a charge, that put another thing on the table, how many charges has? Will he be using something that makes him need more noises per charge? Is he close? Should I try to cleanse the Quiet terror to hear him as he approaches or is it better to don't give him half a charge?

That it's funny, to me at least, but his power makes him more or less a bit useless until the survivor do something, however, if they want to win, they have to do things, even if they evade the Silencer repairing gives him half a charge, and with a charge he is a danger, I mean, the charge is fast, very fast (it's not the nurse, but it's fast) and if he has two, maybe you can't outrun him, and if he has three maybe you are down even fully healed.

Something interesting it's the power of throwing a rock, nobody would use it against him... would they? That its something to think about, giving him half a charge it's something stupid, so stupid that nobody would think that its a fake sound, and that its key to make the fake sound work, are they playing with you? Or they are there? The Silencer can confuse the survivors with Quiet terror and, if they break it, obtain half a charge, but they can mess with him making fake noises to distract him from an actual point of interest.

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