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Prevent skill checks from appearing when using medkit/toolbox and you reach less than 5% charges lef

EverLostEverLost Member Posts: 11

When doing generators or healing someone, we usually just use the item till about 5% of it's charges because we wan't to save the item in case we end up surviving, but there is an average chance of every time we are just about to let go of the M2 (button to interact with item) a skill check pops up and then we just cannot stop pressing or we are going to miss the skill check and alert the killer, otherwise we will deplete the item, so it's a very frustrating situation i think the devs should think about it


  • HURRI_KAINHURRI_KAIN Member Posts: 233

    I feel your pain, in the item conservation effort, however I just view it as part of the game, you have to plan for it. If you don't think you can make it to the end of the item without a skill check, just stop and tap the gen the last little bit, or just take the risk and make your decision. It adds to the stress/ anxiety of the game and I don't think the devs want to reduce the anxiety of the game.

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,208

    If you dont want to take a risk, stop repairing at 5%, ez fix

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